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DIY: Effortless Ways To Get Rid Of Open Pores

By: Nikita
Open Pores, बड़े या खुले रोम छिद्र ऐसे करें ठीक, 3 Effective DIY Remedies For Open Pores | Boldsky

The 4 common Indian skin types are oily skin, dry skin, balanced skin and combination skin.

While only a few people are lucky enough to be blessed with a balanced skin, others mostly suffer due to either an excessive production of oil (oily skin) or a lack of production of oil on the skin (dry skin).

Dry skin that is not hydrated periodically tends to develop pre-mature wrinkles, while oily skin that is not cleansed periodically tends to develop open skin pores, among other issues!

remedies to get rid of pores immediatly

Combination skin has to be both hydrated and cleansed, as this type of skin is affected with both oily areas and dry areas.

Open pores are a common problem for both men and women who have an oily skin. While the presence of open pores is not something that causes an alarm, it is indeed something that annoys people.

remedies to get rid of pores immediatly

Open skin pores can also eventually lead to acne if the issue is not dealt with promptly. Natural ingredient-based astringents are an excellent choice for those who have access to these products easily.

If you cannot find your preferred astringent and you are in a rush, then continue reading, as listed below are some shockingly easy ways to get rid of open pores quickly!

remedies to get rid of pores immediatly
  • Ice Cubes To Close Pores Instantly: A simple and effective solution that won't cost you a dime and can be done from the comforts of your own home is this very simple remedy. Running an ice cube on your face for 15 to 20 seconds a day can increase blood circulation and give you a clearer skin as well. This treatment is not advised for people who have respiratory or sinus-related issues.
  • Steam: Steaming is an excellent way to unclog pores and remove blackheads, whiteheads and more! After steaming your face for 8 to 10 minutes, wipe your face with a clean towel properly and splash some cold water to close the pores that were cleaned during this process.
remedies to get rid of pores immediatly
  • Papaya Home Mask: The pulp of papayas can not only close open pores, but can also exfoliate your skin up to a large extent. Ensure that you take small amounts of papaya pulp and rub the pulp in a clockwise direction on your face. Wash well with cold water to remove the papaya mask and close the pores.
  • Raw Milk: One of the most powerful natural face cleansers is raw milk that is filled with nature's goodness. To clean your pores with milk, all you need are a few cotton balls, 50 ml of pure unadulterated milk and some cool water. Dip the cotton balls in milk and gently, but firmly, run the soaked cotton balls along your face. Wash your face after 2-3 minutes with cold water and watch the magic unfold!
remedies to get rid of pores immediatly
  • Aloe Vera: Natural aloe vera gel that has been cut-out straight from a leaf can do wonders for open pores. Once the gel is applied in a thin layer, wait for a maximum of 5-8 minutes and then wash off your face with some cold water.

Maintenance Techniques To Keep Pores Closed And Dirt Free
After following one of these easy ways to get rid of open pores, you will have to follow a maintenance plan to ensure that your pores don't get clogged quickly! All you need to do is to wash your face with some cool water twice in a day, use an astringent (that best suits an oily skin) once in a day and wipe your face with a soft towel after washing it.

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