Easy Hacks To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

By: Rima Chowdhury

We all know how our lips can play the most important role in enhancing our beauty. You may agree with me that lips have a unique power to attract people and hence taking care of them is equally important as you take care of your face and skin.

Everyone loves to get luscious lips; but in order to achieve that look, you need to go through some expensive treatments. When it comes to these, every one of us is worried about the expenses and also the final result.

Well, if you don't want to opt for a surgery to make your lips look good and luscious, here are a few easy hacks for getting those amazing-looking fuller lips.


1. Brush Off The Flakes

It is very important to brush off the flakes because the dry flakes on your lips can make them look small and dry. In order to remove them, use an old brush and whisk your lips. This will help to boost the circulation on your lips and give a naturally rose tint. In order to make your lips look normally full, apply some lipstick after brushing off the flakes.


2. The Lip Gloss Hack

You should always use the lip gloss at the center of the lips and not the whole lips. Applying lip gloss at the center creates a fake impression of having heavy and luscious lips. Apply a lip gloss which is a few shades lighter to your lip liner and to the center of your top and bottom lips.


3. Add Some Translucent Powder

And if you don't want to add the glossy effect, you can simply use some concealer or translucent powder to make your lips look bold and big. To make any lipstick appear matte, dab translucent or skin-coloured powder on top of the lipstick. This trip will not only make your lips look fantastic; but also allow your lipstick to go longer without smudging.


4. Overdraw Lip Line

Dream to get mega lips like Kylie Jenner? Well, there is no doubt that the diva uses lip liner to make them look bold, big and luscious. To give it a try by yourself, take a lip liner that matches your lipstick and trace the outer line. Now, fill in the gaps using the lipstick and conceal the rest of the area with a pencil. Use a concealer to hide your lip line for an even bolder look.


5. Avoid Bold Colour Lipstick

If you love bold colour lipstick, I am sorry to announce that this lipstick cannot look good and make your lips look luscious. Rocking a rose pink or nude shade is something more than being trendy. These lipstick shades make your lips look bold, soft, bigger and luscious. Using dark lipstick shade is the biggest mistake because dark colours often flatten the appearance of your lips and mouth.


6. After Applying Lipstick, Use The Lip Liner

After you have applied the lipstick, start using the lip liner outside the lips, which helps to cover up the area. Make sure you use the right colour of the lip liner, which blends with the lipstick and highlights your lips instantly.


7. Using Two Shades Of Nude Lipstick

It is recommended that you should be using two shades of nude lipsticks because it will help to make your lips look good and luscious. Apply one shade all over your mouth, and then use a light colour to cover the middle of your lips. If you have a fuller top lip and smaller bottom lip, apply the lighter shade to the opposite part. This trick will even your lips out and make both of them look fuller.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 10:41 [IST]
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