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DIY Honey And Olive Oil Scrub For Pink Soft Lips

Posted By: Kumutha

If you have lips that look like wilted roses, is painfully chapped and has pink skin peeking out from under dark patches, trust us, no amount of lip balm is going to help you.

Research points out to these two culprits that are responsible for such dry and chapped lips: genetics and lifestyle factors like smoking, exposure to sun, dehydration and more.

Thankfully, that dewy pink pout will not be as elusive as we thought if you follow one beauty ritual diligently - scrubbing. That's right! Exfoliation rids of dead skin layers, lightens the skin tone and helps the lips to absorb moisture better.

lip scrub, honey and olive oil lip scrub

The best part is you can make a super effective lip scrub using ingredients available in your kitchen!

Here is a super easy lip scrub made of honey, sugar and olive oil that will work like a charm!

So, why honey? It is a natural humectant that draws moisture from the air to hydrate the skin, has rich antioxidants that protect against UV damage and is packed with antibacterial properties that draw out impurities from the skin, while soothing cracked lips.

Sugar on the other hand has a strong amount of glycolic acid, which removes dead skin cells without clogging the pores. It reduces blemishes and restores the natural moisture balance of the lips.

lip scrub, honey and olive oil lip scrub

The last ingredient in our scrub, olive oil, can infuse life back into your dry, chapped lips. It is packed with vitamin E, which fills in the creases, replenishes it with moisture and protects it against free radicals.

Ingredients Required

  • 1 Tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of honey
  • A few drops of olive oil
lip scrub, honey and olive oil lip scrub

Direction To Follow

  • Heat honey in a microwave for 20 seconds, until it gets a liquid consistency. Stir in the olive oil and sugar and mix it well. Using a toothbrush apply the concoction to your lips.
  • Smile wide until your lips stretch. Scrub gently in a circular motion for the dead skin to loosen.
  • Leave it on for a couple of minutes.
  • Wipe it off with a wet towel. Follow it up with a nourishing lip balm.
  • Store the remaining scrub in an air tight container and place it in a dry place. One batch will last you up to a week.

This easy scrub will smoothen your chapped lips, give it a pink tint and keep it supple all day long. For best results scrub your lips twice a week.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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