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Blackhead-Busting Natural Oils You Need Today!

By: Ajanta Sen

Blackheads are tiny pores on your skin that get blocked due to the natural oils in your skin. You may think that your skin might be dark due to the dirt accumulation in the pores; however, this is not the fact.

It is just like when you leave an apple slice out in open air, it turns brown. Similarly, when the natural oils in your skin come in contact with the air, they turn dark as well.

If you have blackheads, then it simply means that you have an oily skin and your skin produces more natural oils than people who have a dry or normal skin.

This surplus oil encourages your skin pores to clog. Blackheads can be caused by heredity, improper and irregular skin care routine, seasonal changes and dead skill cells.

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Habits That Can Aggravate Your Condition

Following are some of the habits that can make your blackheads turn worse:

1) Using heavy moisturisers that contain loads of oils, which can exaggerate your blackheads.

2) Scubbing too often can also result in this condition. Blackheads lie deep in your pores and hence they will hardly respond even if you do a lot of scrubbing. This can infuriate your skin which in turn can make your skin worse by producing more oil.

3) Using cleansers that include sulphates, alcohol and other kinds of harsh chemicals, which may give you a clean skin but also leave your skin dry and tight. This means, your skin will recompensate for it by producing more oil, which can again result in blackheads.

4) Using cosmetics that contain pore-blocking, drying and annoying ingredients, as they can aggravate your condition.

Also, following are some natural oils that can help you get rid of your blackhead problem with regular use, have a look:


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has antibacterial properties and it works wonders for blackheads. Apply some lavender oil directly on your affected areas and keep it overnight. This process with kill the bacteria and aid in dissipating your blackheads.


Tea Tree Oil

Due to its astringent properties, tea tree oil proves to be a boon for blackheads. Dab on some tea tree oil on your blackheads directly, in order to get rid of your blackhead problem.


Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has an antibacterial property which kills a particular kind of bacteria that cause blackheads. Take peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and white vinegar in equal ratios and keep this combination in a spray bottle. Make sure to spray this mixture on your blackhead-affected areas once in a day.


Sage Oil

Sage oil has soothing properties that help treat depression and anxiety. Besides this, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it extremely useful in treating ulcers, acne and blackheads. Mix a few drops of sage oil with your moisturiser and softly apply it all over your blackheads.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the best treatments for blackheads. Wash your face with lukewarm water and then massage your face lightly with some jojoba oil. This process will promote blood circulation and will cleanse your pores effectively. Thereafter, you should wash it off and pat dry. The jojoba oil will never clog your pores and using it twice daily will also give you a clean, fresh and blackhead-free skin.


Rosemary Oil

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary oil is considered to be an excellent remedy for blackheads. Rosemary is a useful herb that not only purifies your skin but also keeps your skin smooth and puts a stop to oiliness and blackheads.


Carrot Oil

Carrot oil abounds with vitamin A and beta-carotene. It is used in various cosmetics. Carrot oil has a soothing property that helps treat various skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. This oil also works wonders for blackheads. Just dab a few drops of carrot oil on your blackhead-prone skin and leave it overnight. This will help kill the germs that cause blackheads.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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