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Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Grapefruit

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Grapefruits are one of the nutrient-rich fruits that are widely known for their health benefits. Since they are rich in vitamin C and natural acids, they can also be used as a beauty ingredient. It is due to this reason that grapefruit is used highly in cosmetic industry.

We often come across cosmetic products such as lotions, creams and facewashes containing grapefruit as a major ingredient. This itself is a proof to understand the goodness of grapefruit for skin and hair care.

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene and lycopene. The vitamin C and antioxidants present in this fruit protects the skin from environmental hazards.

The potassium in it smoothens the wrinkles and age spots and provides a protective shield against UV rays.

Grapefruit refreshes the skin and the amino acids in it make the skin soft. Likewise, there are many other benefits of including grapefruits for skin and hair care.

Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the amazing beauty benefits of using grapefruit. Read on to know more about it.


Combats Oily Skin:

The astringent property of grapefruit clears up the accumulation of oil on the skin. It also helps to get rid of the toxins on the surface of the skin. Mix grapefruit juice with mint, apply this mixture on to the skin. Leave it on for sometime and rinse it off.


Deep Cleanses The Skin

Since grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and other natural ingredients, it helps in deep cleansing the skin. The potassium content present in it helps in cellular cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin.


Makes The Skin Smooth:

Grapefruit has the ability to make the skin smooth. The amino acids present in it make the skin more soft and tight. The antioxidant, retinol, of the fruit also aids in smoothening the skin.


Prevents Premature Ageing:

Retinol present in grapefruit can repair the damaged skin cells. It can also delay the process of ageing by combating wrinkles and fine lines.


Removes Deposits On Hair:

Grapefruit when applied on hair helps to banish grime and dust that are locked in the hair strands. Rinsing the hair with a cup of grape juice helps to remove deposits on the hair.


Protects Lips:

The essential oil present in grapefruit prevents the lips from the invasion of external toxic elements by forming a natural barrier. It also nourishes and keeps the lips smooth.

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