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The Best Ways To Naturally Get Rid Of A Tan Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen

By: Riddhi Roy

Sun tanning is a common problem which everyone faces when the skin gets darkened due to sun exposure.

Moderate levels of sun exposure are a great source of vitamin D; however, overexposure can lead to sunburns and increase the risks of skin cancer. It can also accelerate the ageing process.

While some people indulge in tanning on purpose, for others getting tanned can be quite a hassle, specifically when the tanning happens in a patchy manner, as in case of most Indian skin tones.

The patchy and different shades at different parts of the face can make the skin look unhealthy and uneven.

Sometimes, even after applying a lot of sunscreen, we tend to get tanned. And this can appear extremely unsightly, especially if we have to go out later, in which case we usually try to hide the tan using a foundation.

The worst part is that the foundation would no longer be of the same shade as that of the skin, and it'd look cakey and as if you are deliberately using a foundation of a lighter shade to look fairer.

Therefore, suggested here are a few ingredients that you can easily find at home to reduce the effects of tanning, take a look.



Tomato juice has citric acid, which acts as a natural bleach for the face, while also being gentle on the skin. You can either rub some half-cut tomato slices all over your face and let the juice set in and dry, or you could use the pulp and coat the entire face with it, and allow it to dry and then wash it off.



Just like tomato, lemon too has citric acid that makes it a very good natural bleaching agent. Lemon is more stronger than tomato because of the high citric acid content. Squeeze out the juice from half a lemon and apply it all over the face. This may sting a little bit, which only means that it is working. After using this remember not to go out in the sun for at least 3 hours. That is why it is suggested to do this during the night time.



Yogurt is really good for tan removal, as it cools down the face and hence treats redness and sunburns. It also tightens the pores. It is even used as an ingredient in pigmentation masks. Take some yogurt and apply it all over the face and then wash it off after 5 to 10 minutes.



Cucumber juice can be applied using a cotton ball on all the tanned areas. The juice can even be mixed with rose water and some lemon juice to increase its intensity and effectiveness. Let the juice dry and settle down on the skin and then you could wash it off with cold water.



Potato is a rich source of vitamin C, making it extremely good for bleaching. Take a half-cute potato and mix it in a blender to make a paste. Apply the paste all over the face and allow it to dry. Wash it off with cold water after it has completely dried.


Chickpea Flour (Besan):

Besan is the best natural exfoliant that can easily be found in all homes. It has been used for generations to treat many skin problems. Mix 2 tablespoons of besan powder with milk to obtain a paste. Apply this paste on the face and keep scrubbing in a gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. This ensures good circulation and removes the top layer of the dead skin cells, giving way to a glowing, youthful skin.



A paste made with sandalwood and rosewater is often used as a bridal face pack to give a nice glow to the face. This paste, if applied after a tan, can be both soothing for the skin and help lighten the skin tan. Apply it like a face pack and then wash it off with cold water.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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