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The Truth About Your Daily Skin Creams

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We all use daily skin creams of any brand, as they are the easiest ways to moisturise and nourish the skin. Creams come in many forms such as anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, cold creams, sunscreens etc.

However, we always choose to buy an expensive skin cream, assuming that it will be good for our skin. It is important to note that all skin creams moisturise the skin be it expensive or cost friendly. The thing is that, any skin cream must enter your skin to nourish and moisturise it from within.

Expensive creams don't give us the guarantee that they will be better absorbed inside the skin, they just have some more added ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and other ingredients, which we won't even know if they're absorbed into the skin or not.

The logic of creams is to moisturise and protect your skin from getting damaged by the environmental factors. However, some special creams such as creams containing retinol and peptides have some added advantages of increasing the skin's elasticity and formation of new skin cells. Do use these creams with caution.

Read on the article to know more facts about your daily skin creams.


All Skin Creams Remove Wrinkles

It is one of the interesting things to know about creams that all creams, in general, remove wrinkles. If you think that any special anti-ageing cream removes more wrinkles then you are wrong. They just have more added ingredients. All creams moisturise the skin and that is all that is required to treat the wrinkles. Remember, we get wrinkles when our skin loses elasticity and gets dry.


Creams Work Better At Night

You must apply skin cream at bedtime, apart from applying it in the morning. During night, the cream works better, as it gets more time to get absorbed on to the skin at night till the morning. Wash your face first and then apply a skin cream, as it helps in effective moisturisation and absorption of the cream on the skin.


Scrubbing Is A Must Before Applying A Skin Cream

Scrubbing removes dead skin cells and trapped oils from your skin pores. This allows the skin cream to enter your skin effectively. This will make your skin glowing, younger looking and healthy.


Peptides In Creams

Have you seen peptides in the label of skin creams? These peptides are the main constituents of the anti-ageing creams. They have amino acids which help in the formation of new skin cells and hydrate the skin. However, their effectiveness at reducing wrinkles is still under doubt.


Retinol In Creams

It is a form of vitamin A that increases the skin's elasticity, and thus reduces wrinkles. However, creams containing retinol are not safe for all. Pregnant women must avoid it, as the retinol present in the cream enters the blood through the skin and causes harm to the body.


Most Skin Creams Are Not Absorbed On To The Skin

Skin creams are meant to be absorbed on to your skin to give the needed nourishment. Scientists have been working hard to make creams that will enter into your skin. However, there is no such cream that can enter into your skin, more than 50 percent. This means oils are the best options as compared to skin creams.


Vitamins In Creams

You can see some creams containing vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins act as antioxidants and help to remove ageing signs from your skin. However, you should have antioxidants in your diet also to make your skin radiant and youthful.

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