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8 Safety Tips For Eye Makeup


Eye makeup is an important aspect of your overall makeup routine and the best part is, it can decide how simple you look or how dramatic you look.

Make Your Eyes Brighter With Makeup: Tips

Firstly, when you are dealing with your eyes, it is very important to be very careful as your eyes can suffer if you are careless.

When you choose products, you must be every careful as some may cause reactions and irritation if they are loaded with harsh chemicals.

Also, eye makeup needs lots of care as you can't afford any level of contamination, whether it is in your products, brushes or hands.

Tips To Remove Kajal From Eyes

So, let us discuss some eye care makeup tips.


Dispose Old Mascara

Skin experts recommend disposing the mascara every three months. Micro organisms may start breeding in the tube due to your daily usage.



When you use an eye-liner, ensure that you maintain some gap. Using it too close to the lashes may cause clogging.


Sharing Your Items

Sharing personal items may cause infections. Especially, when it comes to the eye make-up kits, ensure that you don't share them with your friends as certain micro-organisms may spread and cause infections on your skin.



Use products which are free from fragrances, preservatives, dyes and other chemicals in order to avoid skin reactions.


Wash Your Hands

This is one of the important eye make-up tips. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly if you want to touch your eyes whether to apply make-up or remove make-up. Unclean hands may contain bacteria or irritants.



It is better to apply mascara to the tips of your eyelashes leaving the base in order to avoid contamination.



Glitter particles can be dangerous especially when they fall in your eyes. It is better to avoid using such make-up items.


Make-up Removal

Every evening, after you reach home, make it a point to carefully remove your make-up before you go to bed.

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Story first published: Monday, July 13, 2015, 11:54 [IST]
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