How To Make Your Skin Age Gracefully

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Ageing gracefully is about maintaining good health internally and externally. Your skin is a good indicator of your health. If you are ageing faster, your skin says it all. So, how to protect your skin and look young?

Skin Care With Grapes

Firstly, it is important to know how to protect your skin from the sun as most of the damage starts from there. Pollution, smoke and dust are other group of enemies that destroy your youthful looks.

How To Use Tamarind For Skin Care

Rejuvenate your skin regularly through good food and massages. If you have the time to refresh your skin through certain home remedies then it isn't difficult to maintain that youthful glow on your skin. Now, let us talk about ageing gracefully.


Your Skin Isn't A Solar Panel!

Harsh sun light is the first enemy of your skin. Never show your face to the sun without using sunscreen. A recent study claims that you can postpone wrinkles a bit if you carefully manage sun exposure.


Never Stay Thirsty

If you are feeling thirsty, it means that your body had been dehydrating since long. Keep drinking water on regular intervals just to hydrate your skin and postpone wrinkles.


Get Some Liquid Through Solids Too!

Apart from water, some foods can also provide water to your body. Eat hydrating foods like water melon regularly.


Shut Your Eyes On Time

Sleep is like a medicine for many disorders. Take it on time to age gracefully.


Kick The Butt

Smoke can damage your skin in more ways than imagined. Quit it soon.


Drinks Dehydrate!

Though alcohol is a liquid, it still dehydrates your system, making your skin dry and unhealthy. Avoid drinking to keep your skin young.


Keep Your Blood Flowing

Exercise can keep your skin healthy and young as it enhances the blood flow beneath your skin. Be regular in your workouts to stay younger.


Go Green

Consume leafy greens and fresh fruits regularly as diet plays an important role in keeping your skin nourished and young.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 0:23 [IST]
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