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Fruit Pulp That Makes Skin Glow Naturally

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Fruits are beneficial for your health. They are also good in treating many types of skin problems. Fruits should be consumed as well as applied on your face, when you're suffering from any skin disorder.

According to experts, there are only a few fruits you can use on your skin to aid problems. Experts state that apples, for example, can be used on your skin if you're having trouble in removing or lightening acne scars.

Fruit Pulp That Makes Skin Glow Naturally | Fruit Pulp For Skin | Skin Care Tips

If you have deep scars, papaya pulp is ideal and to treat freckles on your skin, turn to guava pulp to lighten them. Fighting these skin disorders is not at all easy and when you use fruit pulp, it will take a long time to get rid of the skin problems.

To use these fruit pulps, you need to crush the fruit without the seeds. Adding a tablespoon of milk if needed will also be good to treat your skin problems. After you have applied the fruit pulp on your face or body, rinsing the area with rose water or warm water should be followed.

To get rid of the problem completely, you should continue to use the fruit pulp till your skin is clear. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the best fruit pulps you can use on your face. FYI: You can also use these pulps on sensitive skin as it will not have any side effect.


Papaya - Papaya is used to treat a lot of skin ailments. Scoop the flesh of the papaya without the seeds and place it in a bowl. Using a spoon, smash the fruit to pulp. Now, add one tablespoon of cold milk to the pulp and mix it well. Now, apply this pulp evenly on your face and neck. Wash your face with warm water post 15 minutes. It is best used to get rid of uneven skin tone.


Guava - Scoop the seeds from a white guava. Now, grind it in a mixer to paste or pulp. Now, apply this paste only on wrinkled skin. Using fruit pulp on your skin for a week will help get rid of the fine lines on your skin.


Apple - Apple paste is beneficial to treat acne and its scars. To use this remedy, first wash your face with rose water. Pat dry. Now, apply the apple pulp directly over the acne. You can apply this pulp even over dry acne and the scars. When dry, rinse well. Repeat this simple process twice in the week.


Grapes - This is a simple fruit to use to treat any skin problem. Wash a handful of fresh grapes with salt and soak them in salt water for 15 minutes. Now, drain the water and squeeze out the pulp from the grapes. Massage your face with pulp and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Rinse your face well with water. This fruit pulp treats dry skin. It should be used only once a week and twice in the week if your skin is extremely oily.

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