15 Super Foods That Fight Acne

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Acne not only looks ugly but are painful too. We all deal with acne at some or the other point but it mainly hits during the adolescence.

Some of the causes for acne are hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, high blood sugar, smoking, intake of alcohol, bad digestion, improper hygiene and poor diet. Certain foods also trigger pimples like processed foods, deep fried foods, oily foods and dairy products.

In order to overcome this skin problem we tend to go for all sort of treatments and even try all the products which claim to cure acne. Ultimately nothing really works and we tend to lose a lot of money.

Hidden Beauty Benefits Of Spinach

One of the most effective way to control acne is to stick to the right kind of foods. It is necessary to cut down the intake of coffee and tea as it mainly contributes to acne breakouts.

Making the right selection of foods not only helps you to keep acne at bay but many other skin problems too. There are certain foods which prevents acne, while some other foods cures and heals acne completely. In this article, we will share some of the super foods that combats acne. Read on to know more about it.



Carrots are the power house of nutrients. It is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene that battles against acne. Eating carrots on a regular basis reduces the appearance of acne significantly in a short period of time.



The high amount of omega 3 fatty acids present in salmon, boosts the collagen production and helps to fight inflammation. Since it is rich in protein, it is a key for a healthy skin.



Papaya work wonders for skin. The beta-carotene present in it clears the skin, and assists in cellular regeneration and cell repair.



Avocados are filled with vitamin E which fights acne. It hydrates the skin from within and regulates the blood sugar levels. Vitamin C present in it reduces skin inflammation and naturally moisturises the skin.



Veggies with high water content have time and again proven to treat acne effectively. Cucumber flushes out the clog poring toxins from the skin and calms down the inflammation associated with acne and pimples.



Spinach is one of the best foods that combats acne. The rich chlorophyll content in it cleans bacteria from the digestive tract and blood stream thereby preventing acne. Vitamin A content in spinach also acts as an anti-acne agent.


Red Grapes

Red grapes contain natural antioxidants and chemicals that treats inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Alongside it also controls the side effects of allergic reactions.



Garlic is yet another super food which helps to fight inflammation. Garlic contains a naturally occurring chemical allicin that destroys the harmful bacteria which causes acne.



Broccoli is one of the best skin clearing food. It effectively clears all acne and scar marks from the face and makes it appear radiant. The antioxidants in it fights free radicals and puts wrinkle, fine lines and saggy skin at bay.


Brown Rice

Brown rice is a rich source of vitamin B, protein, magnesium and other antioxidants. Vitamin B helps to regulate hormone levels curing acne and breakouts.



Fennel is a natural skin cleanser. It reduces swelling, improves digestion and helps to flush out toxins from the skin. Thereby reducing acne.



Deficiency of zinc and selenium in the body leads to acne. Almost all the nuts contain selenium, copper, vitamin E and zinc which are essential for healthy skin.



Since flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, it keeps inflammation at bay and keeps acne under control. Fatty fishes salmon and sardines are other good sources of omega 3 fatty acids.



Vitamin C present in tomatoes strengthens cell walls and protects the skin from acne, scarring and blemishes. It also acts as anti-inflammatories and enhances the healing effect.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes lowers the blood sugar levels, stabalises the insulin levels and combats acne. It is rich in vitamin A and B which works great for skin.

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