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Avoid These 8 Things In Sunlight

Too much of sunlight is our skin's biggest enemy. When we step into the sunlight it is important to cover up the sensitive parts of our body.

Avoiding a tan in these areas would make a big difference as you can avoid all types of skin problems. When our skin is exposed to a lot of sunlight during the day, the skin looses out its moisture.


Together with this, our hair becomes dry and the existing acne on our body increases. Another tip to always keep in mind never to do in the sun is to step outdoors right after you've applied a herbal or home remedy treatment to your skin.

For example, if you've applied lemon on you're skin, it is best for you to step out an hour or so after application. This is because the sun reacts with the acidic nature of the lemon and causes blisters!

Likewise, here are 8 more things you should never do in the sun, take a look:


Know When To Apply Sunscreen

It is advisable to apply a good sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before you step out into the sunlight. Allow the cream to be absorbed into you're skin to prevent a tan.


Beware Of That Lemon

There are a lot of lemon benefits for the skin. If you've just applied the juice of a lemon on you're skin, it is best to avoid the sunlight for the next few hours as it can cause blisters to pop up on your skin.


When You Fail To Reapply The Cream

It is best to apply a sunscreen that is lower than 30. Never fail to apply the cream on days when there is no sun too. Sunscreen helps to keep skin cancer at bay.


Forgetting To Cover Your Hair

Use a hat or a sheer net shawl to cover you're hair in the sunlight. This will prevent you're hair from turning dry and losing it's colour.


Not Covering Your Acne

You should make it a point to cover up your acne when stepping into the sun. Too much of sunlight on your broken skin could have an adverse effect.


When You Forget You're Shades

Never step into the sunlight without you're shades. Sunglasses help to prevent eye infections and prevent you're eyes from the rays of the sun.


Exposing You're Scars

Broken skin should never be exposed to sunlight. When you do, it will lead to skin infections and could break the skin even more.


Ditch You're Makeup

One of the things you should never do in the sunlight is to apply makeup. The rays of the sunlight will melt the makeup thus destroying you're skin.

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