9 Bad Beauty Habits To Break Immediately

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Bad beauty habits may ruin your skin gradually. Your skin needs maintenance. It needs a proper beauty routine in place. It needs attention and it needs some nutrients to repair itself.

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So, what are those bad skin habits? Let us discuss about them in this post. But before that, remember that all of us do some skin mistakes sooner or later being aware of the mistakes would be enough.

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But at the same time, don't be too obsessed with being right all the time. None of us can be perfect all the time. Go through the bad skin habits listed below to break them for good. Making minor corrections and changes would be enough.


Habit #1

It is good to exfoliate your skin. It eliminates the layer of dead skin. But overdoing it may harm your skin, irritate it and may also make it excessively dry.


Habit #2

Never touch your face with dirty hands as that may even invite infections due to the bacteria and dust transfer.


Habit #3

Insufficient amounts of sunscreen isn't going to help you. It is as good as not applying anything at all. Wear at least a teaspoon of sunscreen on your face and more on other exposed areas of your body.


Habit #4

Take care of the skin around the eyes to avoid wrinkles over there. Squinting or sleeping on your face may cause wrinkles.


Habit #5

Using your nails to scratch your pimples may aggravate the situation as nails contain dust and bacteria. This is one of the bad beauty habits to avoid.


Habit #6

Steaming your face is good. But over steaming isn't. Use this method sparingly as it may dry out your skin if done too much.


Habit #7

Use a lip balm instead of biting your lips or scratching them or even licking them. Such habits may damage your lips more.


Habit #8

Don't rub your eyes too much as the skin over there is delicate and needs more care.


Habit #9

If you don't want clogged pores, wash your makeup before sleeping. Sleeping with make up on is a bad beauty habit.

These are just a few bad skin habits. If you know of any, share them with us.

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