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Red Fruits Face Packs For Skin Care


The colour red normally stands for code danger, but what if we at Boldsky tell you that this colour is one of the best remedies for skin care. Red fruits which are in good number are healthy for various purposes. And, at the same time they are healthy as face packs too. Red fruits like strawberries, apples, tomatoes are some you can try as face packs for skin care.

These red fruits are said to have certain types of minerals which help to make your skin glow and reduce blemishes and all types of skin problems. If you are suffering from a skin problem and want to go all natural in diminishing your skin problem, then you should try out some of these red fruits which have been listed below.

The fruits which are used for skin care can be mixed with either fresh cream, pasturised milk or rose water. Red fruit face packs should be applied at least once in a week so that you have the best looking skin in any season.

Take a look at some of the best red fruit face packs you can now apply for skin care.



Pomegranate is one of the red fruits which can be used to make a homemade face pack. Make a face pack by grounding one cup of pomegranate with ¾ cup of cream. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. This is used to get rid of oily skin.



This is one of the best red fruits you can use for skin care. Strawberries are used to make your skin glow. So if you have dull skin, apply a strawberry fruit face pack (mix it with milk) on face. Apply a little extra around the eye and lip region to brighten the skin.



Cherries help you get rid of blemishes from the skin. If you have dark blemishes on your face, you can lighten it with a cherry fruit face pack. Grind a handful of red cherries into a thick paste. Pour one cap of rose water to the paste and apply it on your skin. Leave for 30 minutes before washing with warm water.



Grounded tomatoes give out an uncanny odour, but tomato face pack will provide you with a lot of skin benefits. Crush one red tomato with your hand and apply it directly on your face and neck in a circular motion. When the juice dries on your face, rinse your face with a dilution of milk and water.


Red Plum

Red plum are now used for skin care. Grind two red plums with 5ml of milk. Apply this mixture only on areas where you have acne. Following this beauty treatment for a week will help you get rid of the acne and the dark scars.



The juicy watermelon is a good red fruit to use as a face pack. Massage your face with a slice of fresh cut watermelon and let it dry. When dry, use another slice of watermelon to massage your face. Repeat this beauty treatment three times before you rinse your face with clear running water.



An apple a day keep marks away - a new slogan in treating skin care problems! If you have scars on your face, you can get rid of them using an apple face mask. Grind an apple with the skin along with a spoon of rose water. Apply the mixture to your damp face and let it dry. Rinse with warm water after 30 minutes.



This red fruit is very good in treating all types of skin problems, especially patches. If you are prone to getting white patches, use this red fruit face pack to decrease the onset of white patches. You can either wash your face with fresh cranberries juice or apply it as a fruit face pack.



It is one of the best red fruit face packs to help you get rid of blackheads on your face. The nose is one region which is prone to getting blackheads. Rub a raspberry on your nose in upward position for fifteen minutes. After this beauty treatment, use cotton wool dipped in milk and wipe your nose.


Red Grapes

Red grapes is good for skin care. Red grape juice is applied on the T- zone area as it is one of those areas on your face which gets oily quickly. The red grapes pulp is also used as a fruit face mask to make your skin glow and reduce the lines of ageing.

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