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Summer Skin Allergies And Cure

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Summer is known to be a season which makes skin sensitive to allergy and one of the basic reason is the prevailing heat. Summer is also the season for holidays. Get out of your warm cloak and get on the beach for water sports, sun bathing, a simple stroll etc, you enjoy it all. Though these are ways to enjoyment, it may also lead to summer skin allergies. Before you plan to cancel your trip to save your skin, lets look at some summer skin allergies and their cure -

1.Heat Rash – Heat rash is one of the most common summer skin allergies and as the name suggests is caused due to raised body temperature. When we are exposed to sun for a longer time, the rays have a burning effect on the skin, which result in red rashes. The best way to treat it is to use a good sunscreen and keep the skin hydrated.

2.Allergy From Plant – Allergy due to plant and flowers is common. Some summer blossom like daffodils, nettles etc have allergic reaction on skin. This can be cured by rubbing the affected skin with ice, applying turmeric and neem pack.

3.Prickly Heat – Another one of the most common summer skin allergies is prickly heat. Prickly heat is a condition when the body sweat is blocked due to dead skin cells. These collected sweat then reacts in bacterial infections and skin rashes. Natural skin scrubs, sandalwood powder are some of the home remedies for prickly heat.

4.Photo Allergic Dermatitis – Photo Allergic Dermatitis is due to the reaction of sun rays with the chemicals present on the skin. This chemical can be anything, from a skin crème to a perfume etc. The only way to prevent or treat this is skin cleansing.

These are most prevalent summer skin allergies and it is best to cure them with home remedies.

Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2011, 12:43 [IST]
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