Natural Body Scrub For Summer Skin

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Natural Body Scrub
The summer season is a time of the year when one faces a lot of skin problems, acne, skin irritations and the works. To help prevent this problem, one has to take proper summer skin care. All you have to do is follow up with the latest beauty tips to keep you looking youthful and beautiful.

It is said that body scrub is very essential for the summer season as it helps exfoliates the dry skin which makes your body rough and dry. For some of us, we do not like the use of some body scrubs sold in the market therefore the natural essence of body scrubs is wonderful and safe.

Here are some natural body scrubs for the summer skin care, this season.

1.Milk – Milk alone helps one to feel great, it removes the dirt and oil from the face which gives you that dull look. For the summer season , the best way to use milk is by adding to it rice husk and massaging it on your face and body in circular movements to remove dead cells. Wash off with warm water when dry.

2.Lemon – Lemon juice is a great cleaning agent for summer skin care. It is said that lemon has a lot of benefits when it comes to skin and body care. Lemon juice mixed with grape juice, mint and sugar and massaged on to the face can help get rid dead cells. This facial treatment also helps to keep the face tight and clear. When applying this mixture on the face, make sure that you do not apply around the eyes as it can cause an eye allergy.

3.Sugar – It is said that this sweet agent is one natural body scrub for the body before you take a shower. Use a minimum amount of essential oils added to the sugar so that it can be easily applied onto the body. Gently massage your body with the contents and you will see the dead cells easily being removed. Make sure you have a sponge bath to remove the extra sweet essence of this natural body scrub.

4.Oatmeal – The yummy oatmeal can also be used as scrub to remove all the dirt particles on the body for summer skin care. The benefits of using this natural body scrub, Oatmeal , helps in making the skin glow also preventing one from sweating on the face. Oatmeal mixed with honey and applied on the face helps to also remove suntan.

During this season make sure that you take proper summer skin care with these natural body scrubs listed above.

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Story first published: Friday, March 11, 2011, 11:45 [IST]
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