Facial Exercises To Lift Cheeks Higher!

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Facial exercises for cheeks
Cheeks have become a concern for young girls these days after models show off their lifted cheeks. Girls are trying make up to make cheeks look higher. So, if you want to lift your cheeks like models here are facial exercises to lift your cheeks and get the model cheeks.

Facial exercises to lift cheeks:

1. Sit upright with closed lips but relaxed. Pout your lips using cheek muscles and keep the lips puckered for a minute or count till 10. Relax and repeat it 5-10 times in the beginning days to avoid cheek muscle pain due to excess workout. Check with your fingers to be sure that you are using your cheek muscles.

2. Lip pouts is an effective exercise to lift cheeks higher. Lift the face up and make pouts like actors did in 70-80 in the dance videos. Hold it for 1 minute and repeat it 5 times. This cheek exercise also reduces double chin.

3. Puck your upper lip and turn the corners of the lips upwards and move the cheek muscles towards the eyes. Try to touch the nose with the upper lip. Hold the position for 20-25 seconds and then relax for few seconds. Repeat again for 10 times.

4. Suck your cheeks inside and hold for sometime. This is a common facial exercise to lift the cheeks.

5. Another way of lifting cheeks is by doing this facial exercise; close the lips and smile relaxed. Suck your cheeks and hold it between the teeth. Hold this position for 10 times and then relax. Repeat it 10-15 times.

6. Keep the teeth and lips closed. Blow some air under the upper lip and count till 10. now move the trapped air to both the sides of the cheeks. Try with lower lip after this and repeat it 5 times.

Try these facial exercises to lift cheeks and do the cheekbones look higher makeup to show it off!

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Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2011, 17:09 [IST]
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