Dracula Therapy For Wrinkle Free Skin

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Dracula Therapy
Want to avoid aging problems without getting a surgery

Dracula Therapy also known as S3 (Stimulated Self Serum Therapy) is a non-surgical aging therapy which is not painfully and is immediate too. This skin treatment is gradually increasing wherein the doctor takes vitals of your own blood and separates its key components basically- red blood cells, serum and platelets.

In this aging therapy the doctor mix vitamins and amino acids and inject this enriched serum into the face. The skin treatment is a 3 step process which takes around 30 minutes maximum depending on the area to be treated. This injection doesn't add volume but stimulate the collagen production and cell migration to eliminate lines, wrinkles and folds from the skin.

Cosmetic fillers have become a rage of late and these aging treatments are been taken up by majority of women to avoid aging properties from their skin and stay young. When done properly, S3 Therapy or Dracula Therapy can make you look like the same as you expect from botox or facelifts surgeries.

Advantages of S3 Therapy or Dracula Therapy:

  • This skin treatment for wrinkles and other aging properties uses your won blood therefore reducing the chances of allergy reactions and skin infections.
  • It is a natural aging therapy which does not include cosmetic or synthetic products.
  • It is not painful after the surgery as Dracula Therapy is non-cosmetic therapy.
  • It has been found that after the procedure the person doesn't get swellings, bruises or lumping.
  • It is a natural therapy for a face lift.

This S3 Therapy procedure include injections formulated from your blood to fight anti aging. So, if you plan to fight anti aging then use this natural aging therapy and stay young naturally!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 15:43 [IST]
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