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Skin Care To Look Naturally Beautiful

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

A beautiful glowing skin seems to have become history in the times of growing pollution and impurity. With time and with the rise in pollution, our skin demands extra care and attention. Naturally beautiful skin looks much better than the one made-up with cosmetics and it is achievable. All it needs is a regular practice of skin care.

Your skin will look beautiful only if it is healthy. Here are some easy skin care tips -

1.Cleanse – Keeping your skin clean is the first step of skin care. Cleansing does not happen with only washing your face. There are many natural cleansers which can be used for the purpose. Our skin sheds dry skin, which if not shed away can block pores, causing the blocking of the natural oil secretion, resulting in infection. Thus, your skin needs to be cleaned to the pores. The bes way of keeping your skin clean is to wipe it with cold milk as much time a possible. It is a must after returning home from outside. Milk is a natural cleanser. Dip cotton in cold milk and wipe your face with. Let the milk dry off and then wash it with cold water.

2.Apply Antiseptic – Through out the day we come in contact with lots of bacteria, some of which can be dangerous for skin. Skin boils, pimples, rashes etc, are a result of the contact of the skin with these bacteria's. Thus bacteria's can be killed by using antiseptic elements like neem and turmeric. Once in a week, crush turmeric stick and neem leaves, Mix it well in to a paste ans apply it on your skin. Keep it for 15 mints and then wash it away. If you a dry skin then washing off your face apply thick cold cream.

3.Massage – There are tiny blood vessels beneath our skin which needs to work right to give us the glow on our skin. Most of the time due to inappropriate blood circulation, our skin looks dull. Massage is the best way to ensure the working of these blood vessels.

4.Exercise – When we indulge in exercise, it not only effects our body but also our skin. It works out the blood vessels, rejuvenates them and ensure proper blood circulation. Our skin flushes with colour when we exercise, that's because of the perfect blood circulation.

5.Food – Intake of Vitamin C and B, protein and minerals, is one of the best way of skin care. Our diet should include all of these together at least in one meal of the day. Citrus fruits is the best food for skin and loads of it ensures health, glowing skin.

6.Health – None of the above mentioned skin care tips will work if your health is not up to the mark. Liver and stomach problems, create a great effect on the skin. White patches, acne, spots and pimples are some of the skin infections caused by the stomach and liver problems. Thus, you need to ensure, that you are the owner of a healthy body and mind.

7.Protect Your Skin – The more your skin is protected from harsh sun rays, dirt and dust, the more beautiful will it stay. Thus, it is advised to wear covered clothes when you are you are out. Wear sun coat over your dress and cover your face with thin cotton scarf. Don't use nylon or silk scarves, as sometimes these materials react inversely to your skin when you sweat. Cotton is safe for the skin.

Following skin care regimes, not only gives you a healthy and glowing skin but also ensures prevention from skin diseases.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 23, 2010, 17:24 [IST]
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