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MS Dhoni Sports A New 'Mohawk' Hairstyle

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is back in the fashion news. After a long time the Captain of Indian Cricket Team and Chennai Super Kings has got a new haircut which has created a rage among his fans. MS Dhoni has recently showcased his all new bold and stylish haircut. MS revealed his new look at the Champions League 2013 in Ranchi.

Can you guess his new haircut? MS Dhoni has got a Mohawk hairstyle which is gathering a lot of attention in the fashion world. Mohawk hairstyle was seen on the CSK's captain when he was playing at Ranchi.

Now let us tell you a brief about the Mohawk hairstyle. In this haircut, both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of longer hair in the center. Mohawk is the name of one of the Iroquois tribes of North America and their hairstyle was very much in fashion in the past. We have seen Mohawk hairstyle on David Beckham, Prince William, Rihanna, Natalie Portman and Miley Cyrus to name a few.

MS Dhoni is always in the fashion news for his hairstyles. He keeps experimenting with his hairstyle and has always tried something that is different, and becomes a rage among men. From long bangs to the spikes, MS Dhoni has loved experimenting with his hair to change his sporty persona. We love this gut of the Captain and always like to see him inspiring all his male fans!

After seeing the Indian Cricket Team captain MS Dhoni carrying off Mohawk hairstyle with ease and charm, there is no doubt to say that the hairstyle is coming back to fashion.

Here are the most fashionable hairstyles of MS Dhoni which have become a trend in its time. Take a look...

Famous Hairstyles Of MS Dhoni:



This is the current hairstyle which has been recently shown to the world. MS Dhoni shaved off the sides of his head leaving a strip on the center.


Rough Spikes

MS Dhoni has sported this handsome look in rough long spikes. The sides of the head had military cut. We also saw some grey hair.


Short Boy Cut

MS Dhoni carried this simple boyish short haircut with simplicity. We even spotted him in grey beard.


Short Spikes

This is one of the popular hairstyles of MS Dhoni. Although we can see grey hair easily, the hairstyle became a hit among his fans.


Messy Hair

Dhoni has also tried some messy hairstyles which looks boyish and good on the Captain.



This is one of the first hairstyles of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which became popular with his rising fame. The long bangs went up to his shoulders. This hairstyle became a rage in that time.


Side Swept Hair

It might be surprising to see the stylish MS Dhoni sporting a simple geek look in this side swept oiled or gelled hair. But the sportsman has also carried some casual styles!


Gelled Straight Spikes

MS Dhoni has carried off spikes in different ways. This hairstyle shows his spikes that are set straight and the side hair is also gelled neatly.


Almost Bald

Dhoni has sported this almost bald look which gathered a lot of attention (critically though).

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