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15 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine’s Day Make-up Ideas You Will Love

Valentine's Day is 'the' day to celebrate love. Valentine's love need not be romantic. This day is a celebration for love of all kinds. So, whether you are celebrating with your true love, your friends, your children or your parents, you need to glam up and enjoy the occasion. And as the 14th of February is fast coming on to us, it is the time to look for make-up inspiration to make this day even more special. To help you find your perfect Valentine's look, we have curated a list of 15 celebrity-inspired make-up looks for you to choose from.

1. The Glow Baby Make-up

Go nude and glossy with this glow make-up like Gigi Hadid. Put on some tan brown eyeshadow and lipstick. Add some wet and metallic golden eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes.

2. The Lit-From-Within Make-up

You don't have to go extra this Valentine's Day. Alia Bhatt's nude and neutral lit-from-within make-up look is the perfect excuse to go the natural make-up route.

3. The Classic Blue Eye Make-up

An important piece of advice- you don't have to go soft and pinkish this Valentine's Day. Give off boss-lady vibes with the metallic blue and black eye make-up look from Sonakshi Sinha. Keep the lip neutral to balance this intense look.

4. The Colourful Make-up

If you gravitate towards colourful make-up, this colourful eyeliner look from Rihanna is perfect for you. Put on a thick winged eyeliner by layering 2-3 colours on top of each other. Use a subtle colour from the shades of your eyeshadow to stain your lips.

5. The Perfect Smoke Eye Make-up

A smokey eye can never lose its charm, take it from the sensational Jennifer Lopez. Take inspiration from her and smoke up your eyelids. To keep the look subtle choose a nude lip shade and highlight the high points of your face.

6. The Sunshine Yellow Make-up

Don't play it safe. Go out there this Valentine's Day and play with the bold colours that you always wanted to. Yellow is the colour for you. Splash some yellow eyeshadow on your eyelids and brush up your brows. It can contrast with many of your outfits and make you stand out like no other.

7. The Embellished Eye Make-up

Give the trendy creased eyeliner a graphic twist. Lucy Boynton's Golden Globes make-up is the perfect Valentine's make-up inspiration. Carve out the crease using a black gel or liquid eyeliner and add some glitter embellishments on the inner portion of the creased liner.

8. The Pop Of Colour Make-up

Not a make-up person? Hina Khan has the perfect solution to make your Valentine's special. Just add a pop of the colour of your choice to the inner corner of your eyes. This might not be the most glamorous of looks, but with the perfect neon shade, it will make you stand out from everyone.

9. The Classic Red Make-up

Red is the colour of the day. Follow the Kylie Jenner's example and embrace it completely, if you dare. With this look, you certainly will be the talk of the night. While you can go all-in on your lips, soften up your eyes with some neutral colour on the crease and a sharp winged eyeliner.

10. The Fuscia Monochromatic Look

Rihanna's fuschia pink monochromatic make-up is the perfect OTT look for Valentine's Day. Swipe some fuschia pink to your eyelids, add a black eyeliner and coat your lashes with oodles of mascara. Add some glossy pink lipstick and you are good to go.

11. The Deep Wine Lip Make-up

Take the intensity a step further with Priyanka Chopra's wine lip make-up. Rich, intense and elegant- this is the perfect look for your special day. The key to balance the intensity is to keep the eyes bland with a hint of glitter on the inner corner of your eyes.

12. The Red Lip And Blue Eyes Make-up

Taylor Swift found the perfect way to sport a red lip look without it getting OTT. The hack? A splash of bright blue on your eyes. This look is sensual, romantic and beautiful.

13. The Pretty Pink Make-up

Is there any other day more worthy of the colour pink. With equal parts of pink on your eyes and lips, this make-up look is perfect to get into the vibe of Valentine's Day. Make this look even more special with some highlighter on your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes.

14. The Orange Lip Make-up

Ditch the red, embrace the orange and thank Zendaya later. An orange lip does not get the credit it deserves. It can instantly liven up your look. Keep the eyes bland, brush up your eyebrows and add the stunning orange shade to your lips.

15. The Uncanny Glitter Eye Make-up

Margot Robbie gives you a Valentine's make-up idea that is so stunning and understated. Draw attention to your eyes with gorgeous green glitter eyeshadow. Add some blush to your cheekbones for that rosy glow and a tint of pink on your lips to make the look soft and stunning.

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