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Sonam Kapoor Created ‘90s Inspired Bollywood Make-up Look And Gave Us Some Major Beauty Lessons

Sonam Kapoor is looked upon as a fashionista and is a fashion inspiration for many. While many of us admire her as she flaunts some jaw-dropping looks, the make-up junkies among us keenly watch her flawless make-up and wish we could know her secret creating such a stunning look. Well, your wish has been granted!

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja recently created a '90's Bollywood make-up look for Vogue US. This make-up look seems to be a favourite and Sonam gave us a thorough step-by-step tutorial for it. Apart from the tutorial, she had some major beauty lessons that you should take notes of.

Before we begin to tell you these essential beauty lessons, we want to give a huge shout out to Sonam for appearing with a bare face, with dark circles and spots, for the video and bursting the myth of stars being blessed with flawless skin. The netizens applauded her for this move and we appreciate this gesture of hers as well.

With that out of the way, let's move on to the beauty lessons that this make-up tutorial taught us.

1. Prep Your Skin Before Applying Make-up

The first lesson that Sonam gave her is on the importance of prepping the skin. Sonam started the tutorial by applying a serum followed by a moisturiser on her face. So, keep in mind that it is important to prep the skin to nourish it and help the make-up glide on smoothly on your face.

2. Protection From The Sun Is Essential

In the next step, Sonam applied some sunblock on her face and told us how important it is. A sunblock prevents your skin from the damage that can be done by the harsh rays of the sun. You must use a sunscreen or sunblock every day without fail.

3. Prepping The Lip Leads To Smooth Application

The next lesson that Sonam has for us is that a lip balm isn't useful just to moisten chapped lips, it can help the lipstick to glide on smoothly on your lips as well. Sonam's choice of product to prep the lip was some nourishing coconut oil and you, too, can use this trick of hers to prep your lips.

4. Use A Colour Corrector To Hide Those Dark Circles And Spots

A colour corrector is the best way to conceal the dark circles and any spots on the face and that is what Sonam showed us. She used an orange colour corrector and it worked like a charm to hide her dark circles and age spots. Just keep in mind the undertone of your skin while choosing the colour of your corrector.

5. Mix The Foundations To Get One Suitable For Your Skin Tone

Sonam Kapoor mentioned in the video that there aren't many shades out there that matched an Indian skin tone and in fact, she hasn't yet found a foundation that matches her perfectly. So, she had a custom-built foundation that her make-up artist gave her to match her skin tone. You can do the same and mix a few shades to get a foundation that matches your skin tone.

6. Add The Colour Back To Your Face With Some Blush And Contour

Sonam Kapoor loves adding colour to the face to make it look fresh. She said that when you put foundation on your face, your face becomes flat and hence it is important to add colour to your face and that is true. Adding some blush and contour not only add colour to your face but also give it some definition.

7. A Smudged Eyeliner Look Is All That You Need

Sonam created a brown smudged eyeliner look and it really is a simple and impactful look that you need as your casual everyday look. It is quick, easy and accentuates your eyes in the best possible way. So, if you haven't already done so, invest in a brown eyeliner and create a stunning eye look in a jiffy.

8. Use The Products As Per Your Needs

Make-up products can be used in multiple ways and as per your needs. We tend to think that a product has to be used in a specific manner, but that is not the case. Sonam used her favourite bronzer to smudge the eyeliner and add some colour to her eyes and that can be done with almost any make-up product. For instance, you can use your blush as an eyeshadow. So, don't limit yourself. Explore and use the products as you see fit.

9. Do What Suits Your Face

Use a product that you think you need. Not because you're supposed to use it. As Sonam said, she doesn't need to heavily contour her face as her face is already narrow. She just uses it add colour to her face and that is an important beauty lesson to remember. Use a product that suits your face.

10. It Is Important To Care For Your Skin

Sonam mentioned in the video that she doesn't have bad skin as she takes care of her skin. She drinks plenty of water and eats right and that is something you should do as well. It is important to properly care for your skin.

11. Tightlining The Eyes Is Important

Tightlining the eyes give your eyes some depth and definition and Sonam can be seen doing that in the video. So, even if you're just lining your eyes with a kohl pencil, remember to always tightline your eyes.

12. Don't Forget Your neck

Sonam Kapoor points out that many people forget to take the product down their neck and it looks weird. Well, do we need to say anything else! Remember to take your foundation down your neck and blend well to get an even tone throughout.

13. Blend Your Make-up Well

Blending the make-up is important and shouldn't be overlooked. She mentioned that she doesn't like the harsh lines in a make-up. Harsh lines appear when you don't blend a product well. It is a step that takes time but you need to do it for a flawless make-up day. The more time you take to blend everything in, the more beautiful your make-up will turn out to be.

14. Highlighting Will 'Make You Feel Like A Movie Star'

Sonam mentioned that "she likes doing a little more of a highlight" as it makes her "feel like a movie star" and we totally agree. Those of you who loves the idea of highlighting the face and are fascinated by it but hold yourself back because it is a bit daunting for you, let Sonam inspire you to shed your inhibitions and feel like a movie star with highlighting the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, your brow bone, the tip and bridge of your nose and your cupid's bow.

15. Do Curl Your Lashes

The last lesson that you need to from Sonam's make-up tutorial is to always curl your lashes. According to Sonam, curling the lashes is "the most important thing to make your eyes look big." And she, in fact, has an eyelash curler in every make-up kit. And that should tell you how important it is to curl your lashes. So, next time you put on some mascara, remember to curl your lashes.

Well, that is it folks! These were fifteen important beauty lessons that Sonam so smoothly gave to us in just 12 minutes. What do you think about Sonam Kapoor's beauty lessons and the look she created? Do tell us in the comment section below.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 16:03 [IST]