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9 Amazing Make-up Tips To Make You Look Less Tired Instantly

We all have those days where a look into the mirror can tell you how tired you are. A sleepless night, working late, stress or night with the kids can be evident on your face the next morning. Alas, You need to buckle up and look fresh and ready to seize the day in the morning. But how do you cheat the fewer hours of sleep visible on your face? With make-up, of course.

While you are getting ready in the morning, use these make-up tricks to make you look less tired instantly. Many of these, you will notice, are mistakes that make you look more dull and tired. Let's fix that.


Cold Water Splash

After a tiring night, your eyes look puffy, dull and tired. The prospect of splashing cold water on the face might not look appealing to you but trust us that is what you need. A splash of cold water on the face will close your pores, reduce the puffiness and instantly make you more awake. This is your first step before delving into your make-up routine.


Conceal, Conceal And Conceal

The concealer is God-sent for days like these. Tiring-looking appearance, in most cases, equates to tired-looking eyes. The puffiness and dark circles under your eyes are the tell-all signs of the sleepless and rough night. Conceal your dark circles using a concealer matching your skin tone and set it immediately using the setting powder to prevent the concealer from creasing.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Concealer


Do Not Use Brown Eyeshadow

To hide the tiredness, we sometimes do more than our normal make-up routine like putting on some eyeshadow. And as it is not a regular thing we tend to stick to the nude shades aka the brown eyeshadow. A wrong choice. Brown eyeshadow intensifies your dark circles and makes you look even more tired. So, if you have any plans of going for brown smokey eyes, we suggest you skip it today.


Shift The Focus To The Lips

Now that we know eyeshadow is probably not a good idea, you need to shift the focus of your look. To make yourself look fresh and ready, what can be better than a bright lip shade. Use hot pinks, oranges and reds on the lips. It takes the attention away from the circles under your eyes and makes you look instantly brighter.


Add Colour To Your Cheeks

A hint of blush on your face can brighten it immediately. Use a soft, pink blush to give you a beautiful flushed look that makes you look awake. A soft shimmery blush would be the best option. It adds both glow and brightness to your face and makes you look vibrant. And do not go hard with your blush or choose a bold blush shade. It will be too much paired with your bright ip shade. Keep things soft and natural.


Brighten Things Up With White Eyeliner

We know that we should avoid brown eyeshadow and conceal the under-eye area. What else can we do to make our eyes look less tired? A pop of white in your waterline will work like a charm. A white eyeliner in your inner waterline will instantly open up your eyes and make you look less tired.


Curl Up

One amazing trick to widen up your eyes and make you look awake is to curl lashes. Use an eyelash curler to curve those lashes and add to your charm. To make it more effective, before curling the lashes warm up your eyelash curler for a few seconds using the dryer. If you want to go extra you can always pop a pair of false lashes.

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Go Hard With The Mascara

After curling your lashes, go hard with your mascara. It helps to hold the curl of your lashes and also makes you look wide awake. After all, who can the charm of fluttery lashes!


Add Radiance To The Look

Add an element of glam to your look. Highlighting the high points of your face adds a natural radiance to your face and makes your look less tired in the best way possible. And we are telling you not to hold yourself back. From your cheekbones to nose and brow bone, highlight all the high points and you are ready to seize the day.

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