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4 Amazing Ways To Use Highlighter You Need To Know ASAP

How much do you love your highlighter? We guess a lot. And how much use you get out of your highlighter? The answer to that would be- not a lot. The best we use our highlighter for is giving a blinding glow on the high points. Did you know your highlighter can do much more than that? Yeah, the highlighter you would just graze your cheekbones with can come in handy and do much more than that. And we are not just talking about your face.

From giving you a luminous glow to add glamour to your eyes, there are some amazing ways to use your highlighter that you are unaware of. Let's change that.


1. Get The Luminous Base

The highlighters we use generally are cream or powder highlighters. And they come in pans. But, there is another texture of highlighters available. Have you ever tried liquid highlighter? Liquid highlighters are more luminous than blinding. These have a soft sheen to them. So, for the times you want to fake dewy and flawless skin, add a few drops of liquid highlighter in your foundation or BB cream, mix well and apply on your face. This trick will give you a lit-from-within glow.

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2. Add Glow To Your Body

Highlighted your face? Now is the time to go beyond. There are two options for you here. Use your regular highlighter to highlight high points of the body or use a liquid highlighter for an overall natural glow. For the first, dip the brush in your highlighter pan and highlight your shoulder blades and collar bone. If you are wearing a short dress ora long one with a slit, a natural glow will do wonders for the look. Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with your moisturiser and add a natural sheen to your arms and legs.


3. The Perfect Metallic Lips

Metallic lips are the hottest new trend. And if you are not sure if you should go for it, use your highlighter to be sure. Once again, your liquid highlighter comes in handy. After you have applied your normal matte lipstick, add metallic finish to it by dabbing some liquid highlighter over it. And if you like it, grab all the metallic lip shades that you can. Trust us, this trend is not going anywhere for a long time. Or you can just buy a few shades and get any metallic lip shade using a liquid highlighter.

Well, there is one lip trick using the highlighter. To make your lips appear plump, dab some highlighter on the centre of your lips after applying the lipstick and you have luminous and plump-looking lips.

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4. Jazz Up Your Regular Matte Eyeshadow

Matt eyeshadows are great. Not for every occasion though. Sometimes you want a look that is little more jazzed up than subtle. And we don't have metallic or glitter eyeshadows, because quite frankly the times we use them are very few and far between. Liquid highlighter can be your saviour at times like these. Apply your regular matte eyeshadow and dab some liquid highlighter over it and you have a metallic eyeshade that will be the star of your look.

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