How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Long, fuller lashes can make your eyes appear bigger and open, and they immensely help in making your eyes more beautiful. They add a dash of glamour and style too. Not many of us are fortunate enough to have naturally long and full eyelashes, and so, we have to always depend on mascaras, eyelash extensions or false lashes. 

If you are keen on using false eyelashes to add glamour to your eyes, you have plenty of options. False extensions are just right for weddings, parties, for a night out or for your Sunday brunch.

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

If you feel it is time for a change, you can give them a shot. You can choose from variety of materials like human hair, plastic, mink etc. But, human hair is the best for a natural look. They are also great to strengthen real lashes. It can look just fine even without the mascara, and can add that boost to your eyes.

Applying falsies can be tricky at first, but with patience and practice it can get easier. We have compiled a simple guide here that can help you in applying false eyelashes if you are a beginner. You can apply those wonderful falsies in just a few steps.

Materials to be kept ready:

• An eyelash curler

• Eyeliner

• Mascara

• Tweezers

• False eyelashes

• Eyelash glue

• A pair of scissors

1. Use mascara to curl your lashes

The first step is to curl your eyelashes. For most of us, our eyelashes point downwards or to other directions. The False eyelashes are usually perfectly curled upwards. So match with them, we will have to curl our natural eyelashes beforehand, using a curler. The best way to do this is to curl and apply mascara. Wait for it to dry completely, before proceeding to the next step.

2. Use tweezers to customize

Use tweezers to remove the lashes out of their packaging. The False eyelashes should be customized to fit your eyes well. So measure how much you need to trim off and do it perfectly. Start off by cutting very little from outer corner, so that the shape of the lashes does not get ruined.

3. How to use eyelash glue

Use eyelash glue that you have with you, or use the one that come with the false eyelashes. Apply it carefully to the band, all the way across, but, take care not to overdo the glue. Use only a little. Wait for about 10 seconds. Air your lashes to dry a little. To explain in detail, when you first apply the glue, it will appear as white in colour. When you wait for a while, it slowly begins to get transparent, and will feel sticky on touch. This indicates that the glue is dry enough and is ready to hold on to the lashes.

Tip: If you do not want to use glue, you can choose adhesive eyelashes. They come with a sticky edge, and can be placed directly over your natural lashes.

4. Apply your falsies

Begin by laying the inner corner first, and then proceed to the rest of the strip, following the shape of your eye. Ultimately, use your fingers to give them a gentle pinch so that it blends well with your natural eyelashes.

5. Use mascara for that final touch

To get that more natural finish, add a little mascara to blend your falsies with real lashes. You can also use a black eyeliner pencil to line your upper lash line.

Now that you know how to apply your fake lashes, here are few handy tips that can help you achieve perfection when doing so.

• Try to add a curve to your eyelash strips so that they take the shape of your eyes easily. For this, wrap your lashes around a big makeup brush before putting them on.

• You can customize your lashes according to the shape of your eyes by trimming the excess.

• If you wish to create a dramatic look and make your eyes appear fuller, you can even stack two lashes to add volume and dimension. They can be of different shapes, such as, one with longer outer edges and criss-cross lashes.

• To remove the eyelashes, use an oil-free makeup remover. Use a Q-tip so as to prevent any damage to your natural lashes. Once the falsies are removed, use coconut oil to remove the residual glue on your natural lashes.

• To clean your fake eyelashes, use hot water and a mild shampoo. Very gently rub the lashes together to dislodge the mascara and the glue. 

Wearing a set of false eyelashes can instantly make your eyes attractive. But, you need to know all minor details about wearing them right. The tips shared in this article can help you get glamorous easily, and with perfection.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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