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Your Full-Proof Guide On Planning Your Bridal Make-up

Wedding day is one of the landmark moments of a girl's life. It fills us with excitement, joy, anxiety and butterflies in the tummy. There is a lot of planning that goes behind making the wedding day perfect. And an important element of that day is your wedding look. And the make-up pulls the bridal look together. Make-up defines your bridal look. And so, it needs to be planned to perfection as well. It won't just help to make the most stressful day of your lives run smoothly but also ensure you love your look and be the prettiest bride ever.

We've curated a full-proof guide on how to plan your bridal make-up.

How To Plan Your Bridal Make-up


1. Decide Your Budget

The first and most important thing while planning the bridal make-up is the budget. With all the luxury items at our disposal, the bridal make-up packages have gone off the roof. Decide your budget and look for the make-up artists that provide the services you need in your budget.


2. Take Your Wedding Theme Into Consideration

The time and place the wedding is being held at plays a vital role in deciding your make-up look. A day time wedding make-up look is completely different from a night time bridal make-up. Similarly, a beach wedding and an indoor wedding would have different looks. Consider all these factors before deciding your bridal make-up look.


3. Keep In Mind Your Personal Preference

Your wedding look should accentuate your natural features, not convert you to another person altogether. Most of us have a preference when it comes to how we like to do make-up. Tell the make-up artist how you like your make-up to be done.


4. Know The Latest Bridal Make-Up Trends

The world of make-up is very dynamic. There are new make-up trends popping out every day. While earlier brides wore the bold make-up look, today more natural and neutral make-up looks are trending. Search the internet for the latest trends and get an idea about the look you would want on that day.


5. Find Some Templates That Pulled You In

Most of us don't wear heavy make-up on a daily basis. And so, we don't have much idea what kind of make-up will be the best for us. While you search for the trends, bookmark the looks that pulled you in. You can later decide with your make-up artist whether that look will suit you and go with your attire.

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6. Decide Which Type Of Make-Up You Want

A make-up look has various kinds of finishes. From matte to dewy, there is a range of make-up look. The make-up for you largely depends on your skin type. Get to know your skin and the type of make-up which will suit it the best.


7. Pin Down Your Make-Up Artist

We are coming a little late to this point. But, this is the most important factor in your final look. In the end, it is your make-up artist the can make or break the look. So, search extensively for the make-up artists in your area, the services they provide and their work profile.


8. Consider The Cameras At The Wedding

You are going to be captured a lot on your wedding day. There were clicks from all angles and throughout the day. This is a point to keep in mind while deciding your bridal make-up look. Take the time and place of the wedding into consideration. Layering on make-up with SPF tends to make you look washed out in the pictures. Nothing to be conscious about. Just make sure to keep the make-up time-appropriate and camera-friendly.


9. Maintain A Time Buffer

Rushed make-up is not what you need on your wedding day. On average, the bridal make-up will need 2-3 hours to finish. Plan your day accordingly. So, reach the make-up artist well in-advance and keep some time for last minutes changes and mistakes as well. If you are calling the make-up artist at your place, call them an hour before you think they need to reach. It will help tone your anxiety down on the day.


10. Get A Make-Up Trial

This is an important point that many of the brides miss. Ask for a make-up trial from your make-up artist. If they do not provide that service, insist on getting it. Pay a little extra if you have to. Try a couple of make-up looks on that day and decide the make-up look for you. Take some friends along to help you with the decision. The aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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Story first published: Monday, February 24, 2020, 19:38 [IST]