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How To Contour Nose: Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners

One of the most evident features of our face is the nose. It is also a feature that you would hear people often complaining about. After all, we all want a thin and sharp nose, don't we?

If you are not too happy with the natural shape of your nose and feel that a nose job that can alter the shape of your nose will make you feel more confident and open up better prospects for you, we are here to tell you that it absolutely possible and without any abrasive process or spending tons of money on cosmetic surgery.

You can fake a perfectly thin and sharp nose in just ten minutes with make-up. All you need to master is the art of contouring and you will have the nose you always wanted in just a few minutes.

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Contouring is an intimidating thing for many of us. And contouring the nose is one of the trickiest things ever. We mostly are afraid of making our face and nose look unnatural. And our tries at contouring the nose hasn't yielded great results. Don't worry, with some practice, you can absolutely do a subtle job of contouring that will look completely natural.

Here is your easy step-by-step guide on how to contour nose like a pro.


1. Draw Two Parallel Lines

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To begin contouring your nose, draw two parallel lines on the bridge of your nose from the start of your eyebrows to your nostrils.

To contour the nose, you can either use a powder or cream contour with a small and precise contour brush. If you don't have a contour with you, you can also use a deep brown eyeshadow as your contour. The contour should always be two to three shades deeper than your natural skin tone.

The distance between the lines depends on how thin you want your nose to look or how broad your nose is. For your first time, just follow the edges of your nose.

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2. Contour The Tip Of The Nose

PC: Instagram/Brittany Barragan

After shaping the bridge of your nose, the next thing you want to do is to emphasize the tip to sharpen your nose. For that, you need to contour the tip of your nose.

If you want an extremely sharp nose, draw a triangle at the tip of your nose or if you just want to brush it up a little, draw a semi-circle.


3. Blend Till It Hurts!

PC: Instagram/Brittany Barragan

Now that you have laid down the structure, it is time to get to blending. Use a contour brush or a beauty blender in soft left and right motions to blend the contour outwards. Take your time in blending it. The more you blend, the more natural it will look.


4. A Clean Swipe Of Concealer

PC: Instagram/Brittany Barragan

Use a concealer along the bridge of your nose to clean things up and give more structure. It helps to clean any mess done by the blending while the contrast of the contour and concealer shades forms a shadow that helps create the illusion of a thinner nose.

Blend the concealer with a beauty blender or your fingers until it melts into your skin.


5. Highlight


As a final step, dab some highlighter along the spine of your nose to add dimension to your nose, and make it look dewy and more natural. Blend the highlighter until it leaves just a sheen on the bridge of your nose.

The final result of all this jazz should be a thin, dewy, and pointed nose with shadows on the sides and a lit-from-within glean at the center.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 15, 2020, 11:50 [IST]