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Shades Of Disha Patani: All The Different Shades Of Monochromatic Look Worn By The Diva

Monochromatic looks have been some of our most favourite pretty much from the get-go. We love everything about it- the convenience, the fewer products and the ease of creation. If you don't know what a monochromatic look is, you are missing out on an amazing experience. Especially considering that women of all ages are now diverting towards all kinds of make-up looks, even the celebrities. Disha Patani has been a forerunner in acing the monochromatic look.

The gorgeous actress has many times worn the monochromatic look in different shades. And everytime her make-up always is on fleek. These range from a subtle nude to a fiery maroon. This goes on to tell you how versatile the monochromatic look is, even if you are using just a single colour to create your entire look. If you are ready to take on the monochromatic journey, we have complied all the times Disha Patani has mesmerised us with her monochromatic look. Let's get started!


Nude Heaven

Nude shades come in really handy on the days when we want to be super-chic but casual. We think nude shade all over the will look dull. With the perfect shade of nude(one that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone), dewy base and brushed in fluffy brows, getting glamorous with nude monochromatic look is quite possible. And that is what is so stunning about this look of Disha's.

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Burnt Orange

Orange can be a pretty intimidating shade a monochromatic look. A bold yet toned down shad of orange is a different matter however. Burnt orange monochromatic look might demand an outrageous leap of faith, but with Disha looking the way she does in this look we don't know if we can even consider this a risk. Whether for a evening out or a trip to the mall, this look is perfect to flaunt. You can even try this to work on days you are feeling particularly bold.


Pretty Pink

We love ourselves some pink lips and cheeks, but taking up on a pink monochromatic look seems like a big deal. Well, there is a reason that pink monochromatic look has gathered such hype. Pink shade looks amazing against Indian skin tone and is a true delight to look at. To make it even more glamorous, you can add some glitter on the inner corner of your eyes, just as Disha has done.

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Sultry Maroon

Figuring out the date make-up can be exhausting. You want to look your best but also not look OTT. There needs to be a balance between allure and elegance when you are getting ready for a date night. Disha's maroon monochromatic look is major date-night make-up vibes. It glams you up with just a few brush strokes. To get the intended effect with maroon, however, you need to blend to the gods. The more you blend, the more seamless it will be and the more attractive you will look.

So, how did you like Disha's monochromatic looks? We hope you got the inspiration to start experimenting with this amazing look. Trust us, once you go monochromatic, there will be no other way for you!

Story first published: Monday, July 27, 2020, 18:14 [IST]