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Clean Girl Beauty: The Beauty Trend That Hailey Bieber & Gigi Hadid Made Famous

Thanks to social media, we get to know new beauty trends every other day. One of the newest beauty hacks that are gaining a lot of attention is the "Clean Girl Beauty" look. Supermodels Hailey Bieber & Gigi Hadid showed the perfect way to achieve this interesting-sounding beauty trend that is pretty close to achieving a natural, flawless look!

Image: Instagram

Read on to find out more about the "clean girl" makeup and hair look.

So, What's a "Clean Girl" Makeup Look?

The easy way to define the "clean girl" makeup look would be to look your best with supple, glowy skin. You may also link it to the no-makeup look wherein you don't necessarily apply much makeup and still manage to achieve a stunning look. Simply put, when you have naturally flawless, healthy skin, you don't have to rely on makeup to hide any marks, dull patches, etc. The glowy is evident and you achieve the clean girl look pretty organically!

A clean girl makeup look is simply the opposite of the usual bold makeup look wherein you accentuate the face with a heavy foundation, sharp contour, smokey eyes, and matte lips.

Image: Instagram

How to Get the Clean Girl Look

It's super easy to achieve the clean girl look that advises for a minimal dewy skin bae, glassy lips, natural sunkissed blush, and fuller eyebrows. For that, you simply need to keep a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, natural-tone blushes, lip tints, lip balms, eyebrow pomades, or pencil handy!

Follow these easy steps to get a clean girl look:

1. Exfoliate first - Wash and exfoliate your face with a mild cleanser that will help remove dirt and dead skin.

2. Hydration is key - Hydrate the skin with your skin-suitable moisturizer or hyaluronic serum. Message gently to settle it on your face. This is a super essential step that helps to apply makeup evenly and avoids a 'cakey' or 'pilling' look.

3. Apply Foundation - To achieve a clean girl beauty look, you must aim for an even tone and glossy finish look. Apply a BB cream or lightweight foundation over the face. Also, use a concealer to hide any dark spots, patches, or discolouration. A settling powder is also useful for hiding dark circles under the eyes.

4. Do the Lips - Go for a translucent or nude lip tint/gloss to add a natural sheen to your lips.

5. Enhance the Brows - Settle the unruly brows via combing and use a brow pencil to fill in any empty patches. Next, apply an eyebrow gel (go for the untinted one) to achieve a laminated look.

The Clean Girl Hair Look

Image: Instagram

Model Bella Hadid's hair bun was probably the inspiration for the "clean girl" hairdo. The understated hairstyle can be achieved by tying the hair in a sleek-back bun with no loose strands visible or out of place. For a sleek bun look, you can apply hair oil or serum over dry hair to make them look basic, tidy, and shy!

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