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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Mascara

    By Amrutha

    Mascara is one of the most important and widely used make-up products by women all around the globe. After all who does not love to have those deep and dramatic eyes.

    Even though fake eyelashes have come into the picture, mascaras have its own importance in one's beauty regime.


    But many of us here aren't aware why actually a mascara is used or whether it's a necessity or not. This article will give you answers to all your queries about mascaras starting from the types of mascaras available to some tips on how to apply mascara.

    Different Types Of Mascaras

    1. Lengthening Mascaras: If you have short eyelashes and want to increase the length of the lashes then this would be a perfect choice. The applicator of this particular mascara is long and thin.

    2. Volumising Mascaras: This is the most common type of mascara preferred by everyone. It increases the volume of your eyelashes and makes it look thick and heavy. If you want a dramatic eye then this is the one that you should go for.

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    3. Definition Mascaras: The applicator of this mascara is generally straight. This type of mascara should be used if you want a natural day look. It slightly adds on to the volume of your lashes but leaving a natural finish.

    4. Waterproof Mascaras: As the name suggests waterproof mascaras are a little too hard to remove. It doesn't wear off easily.

    5. Curve Mascara: Mascaras also come with curlers. So if you have a straight eyelash this mascara will help in curling your eyelashes along with volumising it.

    How To Apply A Mascara?

    1. Use a mascara towards the end of your eye make-up. This should be the last step.

    2. Before applying mascara curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This will naturally curl your eyelashes.

    2. Start applying mascara from the base of the lashes.

    3. Move it around from left to right and cover both the upper and lower lashes.

    4. For application on the outer corner of the eyes, use the tip of the mascara.

    5. Apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara depending on the impact you want to give our lashes.

    How To Maintain Mascara?

    1. It is recommended not to clean or wipe your mascaras.

    2. Mascaras have the tendency to dry out faster so make sure that you close the lid tightly.

    3. Replace your mascara every three months since mascara is one product that is contaminated easily. 

    4. In order to prevent the smudging of mascaras, it is recommended to dab some translucent powder under the lower lashes of your eyes.

    Some Mascaras To Experiment With

    Though black is the most common colour preferred, you can also experiment with other colours.

    Blue or purple: This suits best for honey coloured eyes.

    Green: For brown eyes.

    Brown: Best suitable for blondes.

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