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    Tips and Tricks To Get Perfect Seductive Eyes At Home

    By Sharon Thomas
    Smokey Eyes Tutorial for Beginners | ऐसे पायें परफेक्ट स्मोकी ऑय, झटपट | BoldSky

    Eyes are the windows to the soul. This is absolutely right in every aspect. Won't you agree? Yes, that is the truth even if you deny it. It is because eyes do a lot of talking all the time, especially in minutes of silence.

    The funny thing is that you might not even realise it, whereas others do. It is very much evident from this that eyes do grab attention. This article is all about the ways in which the eyes can be highlighted that makes people turn heads.

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    Makeup is the way to go seductive with your eyes. Be it for workplace, a party, a date night, or whatever the occasion is, you will have to know some basic ideas of how to flaunt it. The good news is that with these tips and tricks, you can forget about visiting the parlour for an eye makeup. You are on the way to become an expert in this. Read on and create your own style.

    Nail it with black

    There is nothing to beat the beauty of black. It drastically enhances the beauty of the eye and in addition, the eyelashes will look fuller and healthier. Use the black shade around your lash line and on the eyelid very generously but with precision. The look will suit both for the day and night.

    Go smoky

    Signature smoky eyes sometimes might not work out all the time. It is a perfect idea to go for a gradated smoky eye effect. It will look both subtle and gorgeous at the same time. Here is the way to do it:

    • Choose the shades that you prefer, three of them which complement each other.
    • Do the foundation with three cream shadows - darkest over the entire eyelid, the medium one in the crease, and the lightest shade along the brow bone.
    • Diffuse the shadows such that the layers meet perfectly.
    • Similarly use three shades of eye shadow powders and apply them using an eyeshadow guard.
    • Use a mix of all the three eye shadow powders along the lower lash line with just a swipe.
    • Use a black liner for the upper lash line, and upper and lower inner rims.
    • Finish it off with a mascara for the lashes.

    Get some shimmer

    This shimmery effect is the best for partying during the night. When done perfectly, this look can win over the smoky eye makeup. The trick is to use the shade that goes well with what you wear. Make sure that the shimmer is concentrated at the inner corner of the eye and lighter at the centre of the eyelid. To add some dramatic effect, use a black shadow at the outer corner of the eye.

    Opt for a cat eye

    Cat eye is what most women go for to impress all, but it must be done to perfection to strike a chord. Here is an easy method to master it.
    Create the wing of your liner starting from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple.
    Run the same liner quarter way from the inner corner of the eye by using dashes. Later, draw a smooth line.
    Draw an elongated triangle to the wing that you created earlier and fill it up.
    Sharpen the lines if you need to.

    Bold it

    There is nothing wrong in using a bold liner on the upper lash line that is a mismatch to the dress worn. A winged effect will complete the look. This can be done for any type of an eye makeup such as cat or smoky eyes.

    Perfect the lashes

    The lashes must look jet black in colour for the eyes to look stunning. Use a good amount of mascara for them. Never hesitate to use a lash curler to give them an extra oomph. If that does not suffice, you can very well fake it by using false lashes.

    Don't forget the eyebrows

    Eyebrows create the perfect frame for the eyes. They must also be considered when doing an eye makeup. It is suggested to keep them in good shape from time to time, according to the bone structure and face type. Eyebrow tattoos are becoming a rage nowadays but there is nothing better than using makeup for it.

    Play it down with the lips

    If you choose your eyes to be the centre of attraction amongst your facial features, then it is better to keep your lips toned down. Nude lips paired with accentuated eyes always gives a stunning look. This is a simple trick to makes your eyes stand out.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 16:30 [IST]
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