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    How To Apply Basic Make Up Like A Pro? A Step By Step Tutorial

    The concept of make up has always been fascinating to all of us when we were kids, isn't it? Influenced by our favourite celebrities we have all experimented with some basic make ups which most of the time went for a toss. The reason for this being lack of experience and knowledge.

    Some of you among us would not even know what the use of a BB cream is or what the difference between a BB cream or a foundation is. How do you go about applying a concealer? Do we actually need it? How to choose one? These are all major questions that most of the beginners have in their mind.

    how to apply make up

    But today, we have so many platforms like blogs, YouTube tutorials, etc., that provide us with immense number of make up and beauty tips.

    In this article also we'll give you a complete step by step basic make up tutorial for all the beginners to wear make up like a pro! So, the next time you go out for a party or a simple function, flaunt your looks with the help of this simple step by step make up tutorial.

    Step 1: Clean

    The first step before applying make up is to prepare your skin for it. First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. This step should be followed to remove excess dirt from your skin.

    After you have cleansed your face, exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and will make your face look fresh and make-up ready.

    The final step in preparing your skin is applying moisturizer. This step is important since your make up requires a base to stay for a long time.

    Step 2: Apply BB Cream

    A BB cream helps in coverage of the skin just like what foundation does. This is recommended for people who wish to wear light yet natural make up. You can skip the foundation step if you apply BB cream. The application of BB cream is very simple and you don't need to be a pro.

    While choosing a BB cream, make sure that you choose according to your skin tone. Take the help of the sales person to do a patch test before you purchase the BB cream.

    Take some BB cream and apply it with the help of your finger tips or a brush. Spread the BB cream evenly on your face to get an even skin tone. If you want a natural look make sure that you apply a thin layer of BB cream.

    Step 3: Concealer

    Concealer is necessary whether you are applying a BB cream or a foundation. It helps you in getting rid of dark circles and spots on your face. Apply concealer on the areas where you think you need extra coverage. After applying spread it evenly.

    Step 4: Blush

    Blush is completely optional. But if you want your make up to look a little more perfect, you can apply some subtle shade of pink to highlight your cheeks. Make sure to blend it out properly in order to keep it light. Remember not to overdo it.

    Step 5: Eyes

    Eye make up is very important in the entire make up. For this, first apply some primer on your eyelids if you have. Then apply a neutral colour eye shadow if you want to keep it simple. Apply an eyeliner or kajal if you want dark eyes.

    Finally, complete your eye make by applying mascara on your eyelashes. This will make your eyes look bigger and will give a dramatic touch.

    Step 6: Lips

    This is the final yet very important step in a simple make up. Here you need to be careful with the colour you choose for your lips. Since we are looking for a simple look it is always better to apply a light-coloured lip balm according to your skin tone because simple always looks elegant.

    Some Tips To Remember

    • Remember to apply some moisturizer or primer whichever you prefer before applying any sort of make up. This base will not only give you a finishing look but also will help to enable your make up to last long.
    • In order to avoid any further damage to the skin or breakouts, always use high-quality products. Do not ever compromise on your make up products.
    • Make sure that you choose the products according to your skin tone. Be it BB cream, concealer or even lip balms. A wrong shade can make your make up look messy.
    • Make sure that you keep all your make up brushes clean always in order to prevent any sort of skin damage.
    • Just like application, make up removal is also very important. Make sure that you wipe off your make up before going to bed.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 16:45 [IST]
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