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Make Your Own Eyebrow Gel At Home

Do you want to have flawless eyebrows? If you do, then you might know the importance of a brow gel. A brow gel is basically a finishing product that holds your eyebrow in place, giving them a defined and polished look.

And what could be better than a home-made brow gel? Home-made beauty products are always a wise option to invest in as they are completely safe and natural to use. Besides, they are cost-effective.

How To Make Eyebrow Gel At Home?

You can make a brow gel at home using simple ingredients like aloe vera, petroleum jelly, gelatin, and some essential oils. To get started, listed below is a simple recipe for making an eyebrow gel at home.

How To Make Eyebrow Gel At Home


  • ½ tsp gelatin
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops rosemary essential oil
  • ¼ tsp glycerine
  • ½ cup water

Other Materials Required

  • A small bowl
  • A pan
  • A funnel
  • An old mascara tube - cleaned

How to do

  • Take a pan and add some water to it. Place the pan over the heat and let the water heat up. 
  • Take the pan off the gas and pour the water into a glass bowl.
  • Add gelatin to the water and mix the ingredients together. Warm water will help the gelatin to dissolve in it properly.
  • Now take the old mascara tube and hold a small funnel on its opening. Start pouring the gelatin mixture into it slowly.
  • Now add lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil to the mascara tube and close it tightly. 
  • Set it aside for at least 12 hours so that the ingredients mix well with each other to form a thick, consistent gel-like paste.

You can also make a tinted eyebrow gel at home easily as it is brighter and better than a usual brow gel. If you want fuller and thicker brows, follow the easy steps listed below and make a tinted eyebrow gel at home.

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How To Make Tinted Eyebrow Gel At Home

Ingredients & materials required

  • 1 teaspoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel/petroleum jelly
  • A matte eyeshadow - preferably the palette should have eyeshadow colour similar to that of your eyebrows.
  • An old mascara wand
  • An eyebrow brush
  • A small bowl

How to do

  • In a bowl, add some freshly extracted aloe vera gel or petroleum jelly (whichever is available).
  • Now, take a small piece of eyeshadow, crumble it into a fine powder and later mix it with the aloe vera gel/petroleum jelly.
  • If you want stronger tint, add more eyeshadow to the gel until it forms a smooth, semi-thick, and consistent mixture.
  • Store the eyebrow gel into a small air-tight container and save it for future use.

Now that you know how simple it is to create eyebrow gel at home using some very simple and basic ingredients, would you like to give it a try?

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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