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Essentials To Carry When You Are Travelling

By Riddhi Roy

Thinking of a vacation? We know we always are. We also want to look our best when we are on vacation, for all those selfies and pictures we take. Sadly, it is not easy to carry around our entire world with us when we travel.

That is why, we have a list of things you can carry with you and still look your best. Some of these are essentials a must, while others are just to make you look your best.

Most of the times, no matter how many checklists you make, you always forget something or the other. Plus, there's always the airline limit of not being able to carry more than 100 mL at a time. So, you have to ensure that the bottles are small.

It can often be difficult to differentiate from what you will need on the plane and what you will need after touchdown. For the plane ride, stick to the bare minimum of a moisturiser and a tinted lip balm. Keep the rest of your beauty products with your luggage.

So, here are some beauty essentials that you must carry with you when you are travelling.



The first and most important thing to carry with you is a sunscreen. Make sure you carry a sunscreen of SPF30 or above because you do not know what the sun rays would be like at this new place you are going to. Some places can have a mild and cool temperature and at the same time have harsh sun rays.

Reapply your sunscreen every few hours. We suggest a spray sunscreen, as this is really easy to use on the go and can be used on top of your makeup as well, without ruining the makeup.



A cleanser is an absolute must to carry with you when you travel. This is something you should carry in your carry bag and not your luggage. For this purpose, buy a small-sized cleanser that is easy to carry. You can choose any type of a cleanser, oil or soap based.



Before doing any makeup, it is important to have your skin hydrated and prepped. Go for a gel-based moisturiser, as this suits most of the skin types. You can even go for one that has hyaluronic acid, as these moisturisers soak up moisture from the surroundings and add it to your skin. Regardless of the kind of weather, your skin needs moisture.


BB Cream:

It can be really difficult to carry a foundation, primer, concealer, colour corrector all at the same time when you are travelling. A BB cream is an all-in-one kind of product. It gives you coverage, hides spots and blemishes, brightens the skin and even provides you with SPF protection and hydration at the same time. These are the best kinds of products for traveling because they are multi-tasking in nature.



Which girl can live without her lipsticks? Once you start hoarding lipsticks, you would not be able to stop. But carrying all your lipsticks while you travel can be a little difficult. So, we suggest you carry just three. One pink, one nude and one red. These can all be used in varying occasions. Red is like the perfect firey shade for a night out, while nudes and pinks can be worn both during the day and night. Much as we would like to carry all our lipsticks with us when we travel, it is not really possible to do so, so carrying a few shades is enough.



Blushes add that healthy pop of colour to the cheeks. We would suggest you carry a blush palette, instead of carrying a lot of blushes. Blushes need to be matched to the lipstick you use, in order to keep it looking natural and not over the top. For this, blush palettes are very useful. They are much cheaper to buy than a lot of different blushes and are also very compact to carry as well.



A lot of people skip out on toners because they don't think it is a very important step, but once you wash your face, it is really important to use a toner, to close up any pores that had been left open, to get rid of traces of cleanser and to get rid of any makeup and dirt that the cleanser was unable to remove.


Eyebrow Kit:

This is for those ladies who have some amount of time to spare and want to rock their vacation look! Gone are the days of stick thin eyebrows that are just over tweezed. We have seen how fuller brows can change the entire appearance of the face. For this, carry an eyebrow kit containing a pair of tweezers and any eyebrow product of your choice, be it powder, pencil or wax. It is important to look well-groomed at all times and hence, eyebrow kits should be carried.



No look is complete without a liquid or a pencil liner. We can't carry a bunch of different eyeshadow palettes with us when we are travelling, so we must make do with liners. A lot of girls are more comfortable using pencil liners. Pencil liners can help you achieve the smoky-eye look without much effort at all. In the same way, a liquid liner can help you get that sharp wing.


Waterproof Mascara:

Not to forget the lashes! Be sure you carry a waterproof mascara as opposed to a washable one, because you don't know what you would be doing while on a vacation. You might sweat a lot, leading to the mascara running down your eyes. You may even go swimming. So, a waterproof mascara is a must to carry.

We hope this helps you pack your beauty essentials for your next trip. For more beauty updates, keep following Boldsky.

Story first published: Saturday, March 3, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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