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25 Excellent Bridal Mehendi Designs For Full Hands

By Ajanta Sen

We all know the fact that the wedding season is knocking at the door. The wedding seasons are nothing at all without any pomp and glamour. Also, mehendi, referred to as henna, is a must for Indian weddings.

The mehendi or henna ceremony is the best part of any wedding ceremony. The Mehendi ceremony is held two days before the Indian wedding. Mehendi is considered to be one of the most important and oldest traditions of the Indian wedding culture.

The designs of the Mehendi have started to become even more traditional and intricate over the years. The Mehendi designs have also become a lot more beautiful and heavier than what they were earlier.

There are many Mehendi designs for the wedding season that will look great on the hands of the brides. It is said that the colour of the Mehendi depicts how much the groom loves the bride.

Given below are a list of the designs that each and every bride would love to adorn, take a look.


The Paisley Print

Paisley prints are one of the most beautiful Mehendi designs that are preferred by most of the brides. This design is a beautiful and timeless classic.

The curved designs are intricate and they are done in various forms. One of the most popular designs is the mango design. The design is famous for the little paisley designs that are done on the fingers.

The large paisleys cover the palms of the hands. The curvy motifs are known for adding to the flow of the design. The strokes are intricate and they are used for putting an emphasis on the symmetry.


The Floral Design

Flowers are the best motifs because they match the attire of the brides to a great extent. The pattern consists of flowers that are accentuated with beautiful and tiny leaves.

The flower created in the center of the palm is done to add depth to the entire floral pattern. The vines and petals are made in different sizes, which make the designs look very delicate as well as intriguing.


The Royal Architecture

This particular Mehendi design reminds the bride of the beautiful and intricate architectural designs that are spotted in the Mughal palaces located all around India.

The floral designs and the domes are known to resemble the carved pillars of the royal residences. The main focus of the designs is the split or the chequered patterns.

These designs have a lot of similarity with the tapestries. These designs are extremely mesmerizing.


The Raja And Rani

This design is one of the most common and intricate Mehendi designs that are done on the hands of the brides.

The design consists of a beautiful artwork showcasing the queen or the king from the era of the Mughal emperors. Intricate patterns are drawn around two of the faces for making the design's focal point to stand out.


The Elephant Motif

e Mehendi that features the elephants is considered to be the favourite designs for the Indian brides. The swirls and curves are responsible for adding a distinct flair.

This design is undoubtedly very unique. It is also different in comparison to the other designs that depict floral patterns and peacocks.


The Peacock Passion

The stunning and elegant peacock designs are incorporated in the bridal designs. The peacock designs consist of feathers that are elaborate. These designs can be incorporated into beautiful patterns and motifs. The grace that the peacock designs have is mentionable, and they cannot be beaten by any other design.


The Swirl

The swirls are done beautifully in each and every finger, and a blank space is left in between the fingers and palms. The paisley pattern along with the swirls with the dots form a very intricate and classic design for all the brides wanting to sport Mehendi but do not want it to be heavy.


Coloured Mehendi Design

The Mehendi design which is coloured helps in building a concept which is relative. The colours tend to stand out and make the design even more interesting and intriguing. This design is not traditional, but many women are experimenting in order to look unique on their D-day.


The Single Mandala

The mandala design is one of the most common designs, which is not only traditional but also beautiful. It is a very large circle that helps in serving as a base with the different patterns.

The petals are arranged in a unique manner, which helps in creating a beautiful and multi-dimensional look. This design also tends to remind the people of the sun rays.


The Split Mandala

The split mandala design is also very famous and it is considered to be the center of the henna design. Half of the circle is drawn in one hand and the other half is drawn on the other hand, which makes the entire design symmetrical.


The Crafted Cuffs

In this design, the center of attraction is the thick cuff on the wrists, which are emphasized with the help of simple strokes. The look is modern and the wrist looks like it is covered with a bangle. Small mandalas are made to jazz up the arms.


The Twist

This is one of the best Mehendi designs that are preferred by a huge section of women. The designs are extremely unique. This design helps in drawing attention towards the jewellery of the bride. This design can be easily accompanied with a beautiful split mandala.


The Curvy Floral

The design generally focuses on the beautiful curves and floral patterns. Designers tend to throw contemporary hearts to make the design look even more unique.


The Chequered Pattern

The chequered pattern is the greatest way for making the Mehendi design pop up. This design is done in order to provide the brides a break from the patterns that have become monotonous. This pattern is used by the designers to fill all the gaps in the designs.


The Asymmetric

Many times the designs do not need to be filled with the patterns that are symmetrical and matching. The beauty lies in the asymmetrical pattern with the floral designs and vines.

The designs are unique and pretty. The designs have no connection with each other, which makes the entire thing look even more breathtaking. Most women prefer these designs over the traditional designs nowadays.


The Lace Glove

The lace glove design is completely different from the other kinds of Mehendi designs, and it is considered to be the latest designs for the brides. There is no central design, but a number of common patterns are used for finishing the lacy look. The pattern generally focuses on palms and wrists.


Blank Fingertips

The designers tend to keep the tips of the fingers blank for simplifying the complexity of the design. This design suits the hands that are manicured elaborately. These designs are highlighted mostly because there is hardly any design near the tips.


The Tips And Cuffs

This design is known to feature minimum designs near the fingertips of the brides. The details are elaborated all over the cuff. The palms have simple designs that are drawn. The pattern has been created with architectural and floral blends.


The Lacy Floral Designs

The flowers are considered to be the greatest symbol of feminity. The floral design when mingled with the lacy design forms a unique and intricate design.


The Moroccan Mehendi Design

The beautiful Moroccan designs hail from the Middle East. These designs are geometric and are completely different in comparison to the traditional bridal designs. These Mehendi designs are being used for decorating the hands of the brides lately.


The Bangle Style

The bangle style designs are used for highlighting the bangles mostly. These designs are also very heavy but there are gaps left from the wrist to the elbows, so that the bangles worn by the brides are highlighted. These designs are loved by many women.


Indian Mehendi Designs

These designs consist of the beautiful patterns of the peacocks, flowers, and the human figures. There is hardly any space left, and the designs are complete and whole.


Pakistani Mehendi Designs

These designs are elegant and classy combinations of the designs of the Indian and the Arabic Designs. These designs have balanced designs like the flowery patterns, the paisley patterns, and the various geometric designs.


The Indo-Arabic Designs

This style is filled with traditional patterns that are very delicate and classy. These designs are considered to be the best for all the Indian brides.


Rajasthani Mehendi Designs

The Rajasthani designs consist of the peacocks, beautiful flowers and curves. These designs are very heavy and suit the Indian brides completely. These designs cover the entire hand, making the hands of the brides look very beautiful.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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