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Why Soft Monochromatic Makeup Is Trending On The Internet?

The use of same shades or types of colours in makeup is called soft monochromatic and the fashion or beauty industry is presently obsessed with it.

So many actresses including Shilpa Shetty and Nargis Fakhri were seen with soft monochromatic makeup, at the IIFA 2017 held last week.

The fundamental concept of soft monochromatic makeup is using similar shades or types of colours on your nails, lips and eyes so that together they look subtle and do not become extra catchy.

soft monochromatic makeup

Coming to colours of soft monochromatic makeup, from nudes, browns, beige and bronzes there is a scope for pinks, reds and oranges also - you can select one based on your attire and occasion.

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In case of loud makeup, you can also opt for purples, greens, greys and blues in soft monochromatic makeup. Also, it is not mandatory that you have to use ditto colours all over yourself. You can use similar colours in order to be on par with the hype of soft monochromatic makeup.

Soft Monochromatic Makeup Is Easy-To-Do And Less Time Consuming

Early in the morning or before a party, we spend so much time to match our eye colours, lips and nails. With soft monochromatic colours, you have to just think of that one colour that matches your attire or colour of what you are wearing.

Next, all the other colours will be similar to the one primary colour you picked. This makes deciding on your makeup much easy and at the same time, it is less time-consuming.

Soft Monochromatic Makeup Has Scope For Experimentation

You may think that as soft monochromatic makeup is about using one theme colour all over, then how can you experiment with it, as you won't like to repeat the same makeup every day.

Well, there is a lot of scope to experiment with soft monochromatic makeup. You can make your soft monochromatic makeup ombre, where on the eyes you have bright pink while on the lips you tone down the shade.

Or, if you pick purple as your theme colour you can always apply violet eyeliner, lavender blush and lilac lips to be in sync.

Soft Monochromatic Makeup Keeps You Fresh And Dewy

When done with all the colour coating of soft monochromatic makeup, beauty experts recommend the use of a face highlighter that adjusts the undertones, plays with the cheekbones, eyelids and cupid's bow of your face.

On correct application of the highlighter during soft monochromatic makeup, the face cuts down on glitters or radiance, thereby offering a soft groomed look that can be carried to any occasion. The highlighter balances all the colours and complexion of the face, thus offering a fresh and neat look. This look is also easy to manage for long hours. The soft monochromatic makeup can easily be repeated on a daily basis.

Soft Monochromatic Makeup Requires Less Of Cosmetics

To do soft monochromatic makeup, you don't have to use beauty or makeup products in traditional ways. Cheeks can be blended with your lipstick or eye shadow while glitter powder can be your highlighter. Even your lip gloss can highlight your cheek bones and eye crease.

You won't know these multi uses of minimal cosmetics till you go for soft monochromatic makeup and until you try yourself. But once you try you will realize that in soft monochromatic makeup, very less cosmetics can do the whole of it. However, be careful of using any random product, specially around your lips and eyes.

Soft Monochromatic Makeup Is Easy To Learn

When trying to learn makeup online, often the videos are so fast that we lose track of it by the end. In case of soft monochromatic makeup, the list of fewer cosmetics makes the tutorial videos shorter and easy to abide by.

Also, as soft monochromatic makeup is very much viral and in-trend specially on the Internet, fashionistas are covering it all over which makes learning the basics and details related to soft monochromatic makeup much easy.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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