3 Ways To Make Your Own Highlighter At Home

By Shabana

Makeup is to women what cricket is to men. Both can't live without these things.

Women spend a lot of time and energy on various makeup products. They usually spend a huge chunk of money on these too.

After all, they want to achieve that air-brushed look that is advertised on all magazines. Women go to any extent to look like those high-end models.

Although we want to look like them, we most probably never have the budget to buy all the high-end products. But, here is the secret.

how to make highlighter at home

Little do we know that professional makeup artists swear by using the makeup products in many different ways. Mixing and combining certain makeup products could lead to a whole new product.

Yes ladies, this means you can save some serious money on makeup products now! You just need to know how. And we are here to impart this knowledge to you. Just stick with us and read on....

Make-up has evolved a lot in the recent times. There are many steps to achieving that perfect face. The usual steps are primer-concealer-foundation-loose powder.

But there is one more step which will define your facial features. It's called highlighting.

A lot of Kardashian fans may already know about it; but, nevertheless, here is a brief regarding it.

A highlighter will simply highlight your best facial features and give your skin a sun-kissed glow. This step is important to achieve the sharp look that you get to see in the glossies. If you haven't included it in your makeup kit yet, it's high time you do.

Now, we would never want you to spend extra bucks on buying a highlighter. So, here is the thing. You can make one at home. You heard it right!

You can make your own highlighter at home using a few products from your makeup kit. Here are three amazing ways in which you can prepare your own highlighter at home.

Method 1:


- A small container with a lid

- Coconut oil

- Some gold dust powder

- Pink eyeshadow

- Moisturizer of your choice

How To Prepare:

1) Take the container and make sure it is completely dry and clean.

2) Add ½ a teaspoon of pink eyeshadow powder to it.

3) Add ¼th spoon of gold dust powder. It can also be of a shimmery variety.

4) To this, 2-3 drops of coconut oil should be added. Mix it until it is even.

4) Lastly, add a few drops of your moisturizer to it in order to give the highlighter a creamy consistency.

5) Your homemade highlighter is ready. You can use it for up to 2 months if stored in ideal conditions.

Method 2:


- A small container with lid

- 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel

- 1 teaspoon of your favourite moisturizer

- A squeeze of a primer

- A teaspoon of compact powder

How To Prepare:

1) In a bowl, take the aloe vera gel.

2) To it, add the teaspoon of compact powder. Scratch your old compact for it. Make sure that the colour of it is at least three shades lighter than your skin tone.

3) Mix both the ingredients thoroughly till even.

4) Next, add a squeeze of your primer.

5) Mix your moisturizer to it until the entire mixture achieves a creamy consistency.

6) Your highlighter is ready to be used.

Method 3:


- A small jar with a lid

- A liquid foundation

- Silver eyeshadow

How To Prepare:

1) In the jar, add about 2-3 spoons of your regular foundation. It is better to use a shade which is 2 times lighter than your actual skin tone.

2) Scrap some silver eyeshadow and add it to the foundation.

3) Mix everything together.

With all the above-mentioned methods of preparing a homemade highlighter, remember, that the end product should be at least 2 shades lighter than your actual skin tone for the highlighter to work its best.

Blend the prepared highlighter to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose after the foundation. Dab it and blend it with the rest of the makeup. It will instantly brighten your face and make it camera-ready.

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    Story first published: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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