Nail Polish Trends To Follow In The Upcoming Festive Season

You might ignore your nails all year long; but during the festivals, your twenty little nails definitely deserve an extra attention. Pamper them this festive season to the core, with these trending nail polish styles.

It would be ideal to go for these nail polish styles after a manicure session. That's because painting rough dirty nails really does not make sense. Once done with the manicure, get all the right nail colours you would need and go for it.

If you have time in hand, for each day of the festival, you can go for one nail polish style at a time. We leave it to you to decide your favourite nail polish style. So, here's a list of six trending nail paint styles, so that you have a variety to pick from for your festive look.


Odd One Out

Pick one finger and make it stand out. Women usually go for the ring finger, but you can pick any one. Keep four of your fingers in one nail colour, while coat the last one with an outstanding colour. This way, your hand becomes very attention seeking. As shown in the picture, coat all the fingers with a pastel colour, except the ring finger with a glittery one. You can also do a special nail art on the exceptional finger you decide for yourself.

Geometric Pattern

You have to start this by double coating your nails completely with colours. Once done, wait for the nail paint to completely dry. Next, on the coated nail paint, use noticeable nail colours to draw lines. Coming to the flowers, you can stick them from any nail art sticker sheet. Do not miss to make the big dots in red or green.

Pastel Nail Colours

If you are really lazy or time bound, get some pastel nail colours from the nearby beauty store and apply two coats of it. Pastel colours are really subtle yet highlighting. It suits all complexions and can be changed according to the colour of your dress. When going for a pastel nail colour, you can apply one colour on each nail or one colour on all the nails - depending on how highlighted you'd want your nails to appear. The nail polish should not spill out from the nail.

Contrasting Nail Colours

Five of the fingers here have five different nail colours. The index finger has orange and the thumb is maroon. The middle finger is dotted; the ring finger is floral and lastly, the little finger has a glittery touch. Coat each of the finger with colour and style of your own choice, but ensure that five of them are very distinguishable. This will make your palm have contrasting nail colours.

Metallic Nail Colours

If you want your nails to be really bold and bright, then it's time for some metallic colours. Metallic colours come in a wide range and you can pick from these based on your personal choice. Pick one at par with your persona and clothes. When wearing metallic nail colours, don't coat it more than twice.

Heart Nail Art

How about some heart all over your nails to spread the message of love? Look carefully, the index finger has a pink heart, while the ring finger has a transparent one. Do the same on your hands. For this, you can also get nail art stickers and just paste them on your nails and BINGO!

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