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Must-know Hacks For Perfect Lipstick Application (For Beginners)

Common problems we face while applying a lipstick is smudging, distorted lip border, faded colour, darker shade or the lipstick getting stained on our teeth.

All of the problems happen together and it becomes embarrassing, especially once you are out from your home.

perfect lipstick application

Now, to avoid such lipstick or lip colour-related blunders, there are certain to-dos or hacks to follow.

These lipstick hacks have to be followed from pre to post lipstick application stage such that no massacre or blunders happen thereafter.

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Take a note, these lipstick hacks require some particular cosmetics which you must keep ready in order to follow them. Read on to know more.

Improve The Skin Texture With Lip Balm & Tooth Brush

First, for perfect lipstick application, having well-moistured lips is important, since it works as a smooth base. On rough or flaky lips, the lipstick does not sit properly and this looks distorted even after multiple coats of lipstick application.


Moisten your lips with a lip balm and use an old dry tooth brush or mascara brush to remove the extra flakes or dead skin. Do remove the extra lip balm that will stay back, before moving on to the lip colour.

Dots With Lip Liner For That Perfect Lipstick Outline

Lipstick is not what you should first on the bare lips. You should start with applying a lip liner first to draw the border of your lips. The lip liner colour and the lipstick colour you apply must be in sync.


Use the lip pencil to put dots on your lips and make a rough border line. Slowly join these dotes to make a lip line that will be the border for your lipstick application.

Extra Concealer To Redefine The Lip Line Border

Despite your thousand attempts, the lipstick you apply may smudge all over your lips. This makes the lips look messy.


Take one or two drops of concealer on your finger tip and gently massage it all over the smudged lipstick. The lipstick will get concealed and you will get your desired lip shape.

Loose Powder, The Key To Long-lasting Lipstick

After taking so much effort on applying a lipstick perfectly, it is really sad when it goes off after sometime. Even best-branded lipsticks fade with time.


When you are completely done with the application of a lipstick, use a tissue on it and dab some loose powder with a brush on the tissue. Do this very gently, as this makes the lipstick stay for long hours.

No Lipstick Stain On Teeth By Using Your Finger

No woman can deny that this hasn't happened to her, even after being a regular lipstick user. Well, lipstick stain on teeth is very embarrassing, especially if pointed out by someone else.


When you are completely done with your lipstick application, take your index finger, wrap it with a tissue. Now in the pointed finger direction, put the tissue wrapped finger in your mouth and gently pull it out. The extra lip colour on your inner lips will get cleared off and the worry of lipstick stain on the teeth will be gone.

Lightening Your Dark Lip Colour

We all know that multiple coats of the same lipstick can make it dark. Have you ever thought, how to make the same lipstick lighter in shade?


Just take a lip liner of a lighter shade and apply it at the center of both your lips. Then, use your finger to blend this to the existing dark lip colour and you will get a lighter shade or like this, you can reach the lighter lip shade that you are aiming at.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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