Makeup Essentials To Prepare The Perfect Makeup Box For The Upcoming Festive Season

Every woman wants to look her best during the festive season. Whether you celebrate Navratri or Diwali - looking good is a primary objective, especially for women, during the festive days.
Other than the right costume, makeup is the next primary essential that can make any woman look outstanding.

Now, when it comes to doing makeup, though every woman loves doing it, deciding on the right products is also a concern. This is because mass-marketed makeup brands are coming with new makeup essentials every day, which is making the makeup essential selection a worry for women.

makeup essentials for festive season

Calm down ladies!

Today, we present to you the best of makeup essentials that you need to put together in a makeup box and be the dashing diva in the upcoming festive season.

Right application technique of the listed makeup products can make any woman appear photogenic and appealing. Take a look!

Skin Care Basics

Always remember, how much makeup you plan, your primary concern will be your skin. Before coating your body with makeup and even at the end, you have to provide the basic skin care essentials, so that the skin is pampered and maintained healthy.

What you'd require:

  • Cleanser - Water based, oil based and milk based
  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator or scrubber
  • Night cream
  • Eye cream
  • Oil control hydrator (for those with oily skin)
  • Makeup remover
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Eye-makeup remover

Base Makeup

Base makeup implies the first coat of colour you apply on your skin. This is very important, as it governs the look and feel of your makeup. Many feel that foundation alone can create the base makeup. Well, depending on the skin type, along with foundation, the following can be used to create a perfect base makeup, which becomes very noticeable, especially on the face.

What you'd require:

Concealer (Liquid/Stick/Cream)
Pigmented/spot concealer
Color Correcting Concealer

  • Liquid (or Cream) Foundation
  • Powder (or Compact) Foundation
  • Mineral Foundation
  • Oil-based Foundation Makeup
  • Sheer Foundation
  • Matte, or Oil-free Foundation
  • Mousse or Whipped Foundation
  • Stick Foundation
  • Shimmer Foundation
  • Waterproof Foundation
  • Pressed-powder compact
BB cream
Translucent Loose Face Powder
Pressed Powder
Finishing Powder
Mineral Powder

Eye Makeup

Coming to eye makeup, for every piece you buy, you must ensure that it is ophthalmologically tested. In case you buy an eye makeup based on your budget, brand name or nomenclature - it can actually affect your eyes badly.

What you'd require:

  • Kajal/Kohl
  • Under-eye concealer
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyelash curler
  • Gel filler for brows
  • False eyelash
  • Eye primer
  • Eyeliner (gel/liquid)
  • Mascara
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Coloured eyeliner/mascara

Lip Makeup

Though your lips might occupy the least portion of your face, a minute blunder in its decking up costs a lot. Save your makeup and end up looking the best in the upcoming festive season with these lip makeup products that you can later save for future use. For the lip makeup, creating the right shape is very important.

What you'd require:

  • Lip stain
  • Lipstick
  • Lip liners
  • Lip balm
  • Lip colour palette
  • Lip scrub
  • Lip gloss

Makeup Brushes And Tools

Now, all the makeup essentials that you can add to your collection can only be used when you have the right brushes to apply them. Relying on your fingers to apply makeup, especially on your face, is the last choice you can make. Along with brushes, we list some makeup tools, which if you keep handy, will be helpful and add to your looks.

What you'd require:

Foundation sponge
Powder puffs
Cuticle scissors
Trimming scissors
Cotton balls
Safety pins
Makeup brush

  • Eye-shadow brush
  • Fan brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Kabuki brush
  • Angled eyeliner and brow brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Stippling brush
  • Blush brush
  • Powder brush
  • Crease brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Spoolie brush
  • Lip filler brush

Q-Tips And Makeup Wipes

Though this list might look really small and you feel cotton pads alone can sort your problem, but other essentials on the list can actually be your saviour. Even pro makeup artists do make makeup mistakes or blunders.

What you'd require:

  • Blotting papers
  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads
  • Makeup wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue papers

Makeup Enhancers

Makeup is not only about coating and changing the original colour of your skin. On your base makeup, add the following to make it appear dazzling and tempting. These makeup enhancers are now available from different brands and you need to make a smart pick for the best looks in the upcoming festive season.

What you'd require:

  • Blush (cream, powder, tint, gel, fluid, shimmer)
  • Cheek pencil
  • Bronzer powder
  • Highlighter (mineral powder/matte-effect stick or cream highlighter)
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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 14:22 [IST]
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