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Which Lipstick Colour Are You Going For This Rainy Season?

Extra attention needs to be paid on the lip colours during the monsoon times because the weather impacts our looks and the gloomy side of it can be well treated with a nice lip colour.

Also, you have to ensure you only get waterproofed ones for the rainy season. Anytime rain cannot mess or smudge your lip colour and thus, going for the waterproof ones makes sense.

lipstick colour

Now, the first determinant of your lip colour is of course what you are wearing and where you are going. Based on that, opt for lip colours all throughout the year. However, during the rainy season; before deciding on your lip colour, just spare a minute to check the weather forecast and plan like wise.

Whether it says heavy downfall, low humidity or stormy day ahead, these lip colour suggestions work anytime and you can pick from them. The best part is, these lip colours also cater to all the skin complexions and lip shapes. So, do take a look at these lip colour trends.

Natural Nude Lip Colour

Well, there exists a kind of women who love makeup yet prefer keeping it simple, so that it does not seek attention from others. For them, here is the soberest range of colours to go for. These natural nude lip colours do not overcoat your natural lip colour, yet make the lips look appealing. In case of the natural nude lip colours, it is better to go for the glossy ones.

Metallic Lip Colour

Trending in style, especially among the urban fashionistas, metallic lip colour adds the tone and defines your lips despite the gloomy weather of the monsoon season. However, please note that the lip colour alone cannot compose the ideal metallic lips. To make your lips really have the jelly top coat of a metallic lip range, you have to use your champagne shade as well. Applying the champagne shade at the center of the lipstick and lip colour by the side with a base of a concealer makes the perfect metallic lipstick.

Cocoa Chocolaty Lip Colour Range

By going for the cocoa chocolaty range of lip colours, you are actually opting for brownish-based lip colours. The best part about the brown-based lip colour is, it goes with all skin tones. To make your cocoa chocolaty lip colours go perfect this rainy season, ensure you buy the waterproof ones only. In case of formal occasions, keep the cocoa chocolaty colour up to double coat, while for after-work parties and meetups, the coats of cocoa chocolaty range lipstick can go up.

Lovely Lavender Lipstick

Well, in case of a lavender lip range, the variety will confuse you. From light plum to deep purple - all lip colours belonging to this category are ideal for the rainy season because they really set your lips to look unique. The lavender range of lip colours also makes the lips look plumpy. In case you buy a very light shade of lavender, overcoat on it to get the perfect party look. If you own a deep purple one and want a shade down, puff it with some loose powder right after the application.

The Rambunctious Red

The one lip colour that you can go for all the 365 days of the year is definitely red. Whether your red is wine like rosy, vermillion kind, crimson or coral - the red lipstick requires the right time and attitude to wear. When putting on the red lipstick, ensure you are confident about it to wherever you carry. Also, red lipstick is meant to be reserved for special occasions like a rain walk date or a rain dance party, may be.

The Twin Lip Colour

Very unique and new among the trending lip colours, this new entry has been made by twin lip colouring, where you need two lipsticks to do the lip makeup. Two lip colours of contrasting shades are applied at the same time to make your lips really stand out. Though this looks really out of the box, to do this twin lip colouring, you got to practice its application technique in advance. Also, ensure you pick two contrasting colours that make a match and not just pick black and white shades randomly.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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