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How To Look Wide Awake, Even When You Get Little Sleep

We have all had those days when we just couldn't get enough sleep. And sadly for us, this shows the next day. We bring you a few tips and tricks to look wide awake even when you get very little sleep.
In today's world, it is really difficult to get enough sleep, especially with the amount of workload and stress that all of us have these days. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and the huge amount of stress takes a toll on our skin.
So it is definitely important to have some tricks up your sleeve to be able to look fresh and awake in no time at all. After all, looking good is the key to feeling good for a lot of us.
Here are some tips on how to look wide awake even when you are not.


1. Wash Your Face:

Washing your face can make you instantly feel and look fresher. Wash with cold water and your favourite cleanser every morning.


2. Go For The Dewy Look:

Mix a few drops of a liquid highlighter with your BB cream or foundation to get that fresh and dewy look. This will make you look fresh in no time.


3. Dark Purple Mascara:

Dark purple mascara can instantly brighten up your face and it does not look odd at all, it almost looks like a natural brown when mixed with the shade of your lashes.


4. Nude Eyeliner:

Every girl needs a nude eyeliner for these days. It can make you look bright and fresh and you wouldn't even look like you didn't get any sleep.


5. Lip & Cheek Stain:

For that healthy pop of colour on your face, you definitely need a lip and cheek stain to look flushed and not dull and washed out.


6. Concealer:

And alas, not getting enough sleep can spell breakouts and under eye circles. So, a concealer is definitely needed.

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