Homemade Rose Lip Scrub For Soft & Kissable Lips

By: Rima Chowdhury

Getting a luscious as well as soft lips is a dream to many; but due to certain uncertainties and external environmental factors, we may not be able to achieve the same. To get that soft, supple pout, we are going to help you know about how to make a lip scrub at home.

With a large variety of lip balms and scrubs in the market, it is very important to pick up the right product, which proves to be a brownie point for your lips. Well, if you love making your own products at home, you;'d surely love making this DIY rose lip scrub.

how to make lip scrub at home

You can make this homemade rose lip scrub in a few simple steps and the best part of this scrub is there are no chemicals involved it. Well, let's get started with the recipe of this DIY rose lip scrub.


  • One bowl of sugar
  • Glycerin
  • 2 spoons of honey
  • 2-3 leaves of tulsi (optional)
  • 5-7 petals of rose
how to make lip scrub at home


  1. First take a rose and carefully pluck out the petals. If you have just a few petals, it is fine because we would be using just 5-7 petals for the scrub.
  2. Now keep them under the sun. If this is not possible, you can use the fresh petals in the scrub directly.
  3. Then, take one cup of sugar and add it to the blender.
  4. Add 2 spoons of glycerin to the sugar.
  5. Add 2 spoons of honey to the mixture.
  6. If needed, add 2-3 tulsi leaves.
  7. Add the dry or fresh rose petals to the mixture.
  8. Blend it properly and make sure you DON'T convert it into a fine paste.
  9. The scrub should be grainy and hence make sure you don't over blend the sugar in it.
  10. Use this scrub every day and wash off with lukewarm water.
how to make lip scrub at home

Benefits Of The Rose Lip Scrub
Rose lip scrub is made out of natural ingredients and hence it is extremely helpful to be used on the lips. It helps to remove dead cells from the lips. The tulsi leaves used in the making of the scrub ensure that the lips are well protected and also there are no chances of whiteheads or acnes on the lips. If you are dealing with dark lips, consider adding some lemon juice to it.

how to make lip scrub at home

A combination of honey and glycerin used in the mixture makes sure that the lips are hydrated and moist for a longer period of time. Rose petals ensure that your lips are in a good condition always and also give you natural luscious-looking lips.

All you should remember is to scrub your lips with this DIY rose petal lip scrub for at least 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Continue this for a few days in order to get naturally pink and soft lips.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 21, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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