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5 Grooming Tips For Men That Will Help Catch Women's Attention

By Shabana

The dynamics of the beauty industry have changed of late. More and more men are getting conscious of their looks. There is a whole aisle of beauty products dedicated to just men.

Looking good and presentable all the time is important and men too have begun to realize that.

Skin care for men is no more restricted to just washing the face with a bar of soap or shaving. It has evolved into much more.

A well-groomed man will surely get the attention of the opposite gender. Women appreciate a man who is well kept and doesn't mind spending a few extra minutes in front of the mirror every day to look presentable.

So men, read on to know more about the top grooming tips if you want to earn a few extra brownie points from the ladies.

1) Managing Excessive Body Hair:

Just as women, men too are expected to manage their excessive body hair. By this, we do not mean perfectly waxed hands or legs. But hair popping out of the nose or ears is repelling.

Trimming these regularly will ensure a neat and clean look. Also, chest hair is okay but back and neck hair is definitely not.

2) Using Good Facial Products:

It is important for men to invest in a good cleanser and a moisturizer. Men are also prone to skin problems like acne or dry skin. Using a good cleanser will ensure that there is no buildup of oil and dirt on the skin.

Moisturizing is equally important to balance the skin and retain its natural oils. As a man's skin is thicker and tougher than a woman's, so, dear men, make sure to use products that are specifically designed for you.

3) Trim Those Nails Regularly:

This is very important for a man, as women tend to notice the hands and feet first. To make a good first impression, always keep the nails of your hands and feet perfectly trimmed and clean.

Our feet are often the most neglected part of the body. Men's feet are more prone to fungal infections due to the use of closed shoes. A good fungal cream will keep these infections at bay. Also, opting for a Mani-Pedi session once in a while will ensure good-looking hands and feet.

4) Invest In Good Shaving Products:

Maintaining facial hair is very important. Always invest in a good razor for shaving. Replace your razor religiously after 3 uses, as using a blunt blade will result in the risk of cuts or ingrown hair.

Also, a blunt razor might irritate or damage your skin. Use a good shaving foam, as it will soften the skin, making the whole process easier. It also provides a barrier for the skin.

An after-shave lotion is equally important. It soothes the skin and hydrates it. Using an after-shave lotion without alcohol is recommended, as alcohol-based after-shaves tend to dry out the skin. And the best part is - a good-smelling after-shave lotion is a huge turn-on for a lot of women.

5) Using A Good Sunscreen:

Men often do not care about sun protection. But leaving your skin unprotected can lead to skin damage, tan or redness and irritation. It can even lead to skin cancer!

Carry a sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher, with you at all times and never hesitate to use it whenever you are outdoors for long. It will go a long way in avoiding the early signs of ageing too.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 20:00 [IST]