Different Types Of Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

By: Rima Chowdhury

If you think makeup is essential, makeup brushes are more essential than this! Angled, contour, eyeliner, lipstick; which brush do you use for makeup? There are different types of makeup brushes that are available today and knowing about these will help you go for the right finish.

Well, if you think makeup helps in giving you a flawless and radiant finish, let us tell you that makeup brushes are the only things that will help you give a flawless finish on the skin.

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Using makeup brushes can help your makeup to blend well and give you a radiant finish. So, discussed here are the different types of makeup brushes and the uses of each of them. Take a look.


1. Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is must have for every girl, as it helps to conceal the area perfectly and blend the makeup to perfection. While using a concealer brush, you should move the brush throughout the face, so that it blends easily and completely gives you a flawless finish. The concealer brush helps to reach the nooks around the eye and nose regions easily, thus concealing them properly.

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2. Powder Brush

Like just the name says, powder brush is a primary brush that helps to dust your face with compact powder or finishing powder. Powder brush helps to blend the powder on your face with perfection, without leaving any extra white patches behind. Powder brush helps to distribute the powder evenly throughout the face giving you a perfect look.


3. Angled Brush

There are multiple uses of angle brush, as it is used to get that perfect eyeliner and give proper shape to your brows. The angled shape of the brush helps to fill in your eyebrows in the shape of your choice. A brush like this gives you complete control of how you want your brows to look. Due to the angled shape of the brush, it helps to give you a perfect looking winged eyeliner as well. If you want to achieve a flawless eyeliner look, make use of an angled brush, as it helps to achieve a winged eyeliner with perfection.


4. Contour Brush

At any cost, if you want to get a flawless look and glow on the face, you should own a contour brush. A contour brush has firm bristles and an angled tip, which helps to blend the foundation to perfection. The contour brush is specially designed to reach and contour those areas which are hard to reach. The ends of the brush are tapered and allow you to contour the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of your nose, and your jawline, so that it gives you a sharp, yet soft, look.

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5. Highlight Fan Brush

Highlight fan brushes are for people who are looking to highlight their face. The bristles of the brush are spread out, so that it allows the foundation or the powder to distribute evenly on the face. Highlight fan brush is used to highlight the cheeks and other areas on the skin.

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6. Eyeliner Brush

If you are a fan of a perfect eyeliner, an eyeliner brush is something you cannot live without. In order to reach perfection and precision, you will need an eyeliner brush to do that. A good eyeliner brush can help to get a perfect winged eyeliner look, which you cannot find with the bristles of the eyeliner. The brush allows you to apply eyeliner with proper length and density as well. Eyeliner brush generally goes well with cream, gel, and liquid liners.


7. Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brush is something which is very important while applying an eyeshadow, no matter if it is in the form of a cream or powder. A good eyeshadow brush allows you to apply an eyeshadow with perfection. Eyeshadow brush will allow you to pack it onto the eyelid with minimal fallout. This also prevents your eye from looking highly pigmented and cakey.


8. Lip Brush

In most of the cases, we tend to apply lipstick directly on to our lips even if we have a brush provided with it. However, applying a lipstick with a lip brush can give you those perfectly defined lips and prevent them from looking highly pigmented. Lip brush with many firm bristles can help you to apply the lip stains and lipsticks with perfection.

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9. Blush Brush

A blush brush is something like a powder brush, but more rounded and compacted to pick up the pigments of the blush. The blush brush prevents the appearance of cakey finish or harsh lines on the face. It helps to blend the blush perfectly on the skin, thus giving a long-lasting effect. Applying blush with the help of a blush brush helps to give you a natural, yet perfect, finish.


10. Foundation Brush

Foundation brush is a primary brush which allows you to get a flawless base. Using a good-quality foundation brush can help to give you an even-toned skin, and using a wrong brush can give you a cakey and patchy skin. A foundation brush will allow the foundation to blend in properly, giving you a natural-looking skin.

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