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Let's Drool Over Deepika's Padmavati Avatar, Shall We?

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Call her Rani Padmini or Padmavati, Deepika Padukone in the film 'Padmavati' plays the role of one of India's profoundly popular queens belonging to the 12th century.

Thus, when it came to her looks that the world will look upon, both director Sanjay Leela Bhansali along with national award-winning makeup and prosthetics artiste Preetisheel Singh had to make a sincere and delicate effort.

deepika's beauty in padmavati

Today, we will tour over Deepika's Padmavati avatar of the then times, and state five beauty and makeup goals that can be stolen from the film. To summarize in a line, there is no denying the fact that time, effort and strategic thinking have been vested to compose Deepika's look and from here, we present to you the unique five beauty and makeup goals that set high standards.


Deepika's Hairstyle In Padmavati

Of the few pictures revealed, Deepika mostly has her head covered portraying the ideal traditions that Indian queens followed in those times. However, only one picture of her shows her roughly composed hair in a one-sided plait. Very simple to do at home, women are sure to try this at home.


Over The Top Bindi

By now, retro looks in Bollywood has bindis placed a little above the eyebrow. However, in Deepika's Padmavati avatar, the bindi is placed at the top center, quite distant from the eyebrows. In all the pictures, she is seen wearing a simple red shaded bindi that is decorating her long forehead.


Deepika's Eye Makeup In Padmavati

Coming to the eye makeup of Deepika, it played a significant role in each of the pictures revealed until now. Hey eyes have winged eyeliner with half-end kajal on the lower lid. Though this may sound very simple, but rightly corresponds to the royal yet simple look Deepika owns in the film Padmavati, to release this December.


Joined Eyebrows

Some are calling it uniform eyebrows, but indeed that is like a cherry on the top of Deepika's makeup in the film. In fact, that is the most noticing uniqueness that together Preetisheel and Sanjay have composed on Deepika. However, it stands true that Rani Padmavati in reality also had joined brows.


Lip Colour Of Deepika In Padmavati

Though by the pictures it may seem that Deepika has hardly put on makeup for her Rani Padmavati look, but that's a myth. Clearly evident from this picture, Deepika has a brown shade of lip colour. Other pictures of Deepika revealed till now mostly show different shades of brown as her lip colour.

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