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Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes, So That You Don't Repeat The Same

A wedding requires extensive planning and after getting all set for the D-day, last-minute blunders are sure to happen. It's not that the blunders during a wedding are intentional or well planned, but it might happen. Though all kinds of blunders come with a backup, no makeup blunders for the bride have space during a wedding.

Brides have confessed that despite elaborate planning, something or the other went wrong on their D-day. If you are a bride-to-be and do not want such makeup disasters to happen on your wedding day, then this article is just for you.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Checklist For Brides-To-Be

We bring to you common bridal mistakes that can hamper your whole look, which you need to steer clear of. Going through the list, you can keep a special eagle eye on these make-up points on the wedding day and ensure no such blunders happen.

So, take a look at the common bridal makeup mistakes that you must avoid during your wedding and associated ceremonies.


Deciding On The Makeup Without Knowing Your Skin Type

In order to make yourself look the best on your wedding day, you land up in beauty brand stores and pick the best of products. On applying them on the D-day, you might not get the results as expected. This is because you haven't matched the beauty products and cosmetics you purchased with your skin type. So before going for the bridal makeup shopping, please learn your skin type and buy relevant products, so that they can be applied and deliver the best of results during the wedding.


Beginning To Apply The Makeup Directly On Skin

Huss, fuss, and buzz are a part of the wedding day; but do not let that hamper your makeup plan. Keep enough time in hand to do the makeup, and always start with cleansing and moisturizing your skin. If you directly opt for applying makeup - like primer or foundation - as the first layer, then that's the biggest possible blunder that you can do. It will make your skin react after some time and the makeup becomes too prominent.


Going Completely Matchy Matchy

It's not necessary that with a red attire you have to have red nail paint, red lipstick, red blush, red eye shadow and so on. With the vast variety of makeup products entering the beauty stores, how about planning in advance and playing with the colours all over yourself? You can discuss all colour coordination on par with your attires with your makeup artist, in order to look best during the wedding and associated ceremonies.


Testing Colour Shades At The Wrong Places

When it comes to testing colour shades like foundation or lipstick, all beauty stores prefer the hand. Well, please note trying face makeup on hands make no sense because your complexion of hands and face is very different. So, you try testing the face makeups on the neck. The complexion of the neck and face is similar and you will get a better real time idea about how it will look.


Trying Something New On The D-Day

Well, with the excitement of wedding, it is natural that every bride shops new makeup products and brands. But do not try applying a new set of cosmetics on the wedding or associated ceremonies, because your skin might give up. Rather, continue using makeup that you are well versed and confident about to look stunning during the celebration.


Do Not Use Pencil To Thicken Eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrow thickening, the common way is to use an eyebrow pencil. But in reality, eyebrow pencil makes one look worst. It disrupts the real shape of the eyebrow. The trick here is to use an eye shadow colour similar to the colour of your natural eyebrows and apply it using a thin brush. Apply a little amount of eye shadow on the eyebrow, and you will see a big change.


Equalizing The Eye Makeup

There remains personal preference among women - some like heavy upper eyelid makeup while some like some extra on the lower eyelid. But when it comes to your wedding day, try going for equal makeup application on both the eyelids. This will make the eyes look more prominent and lively.


Blunders With The Blush

The first major mistake with blush is, applying it all over the face. This is very wrong. Apply blush only on your cheekbones and apply the blush is upward direction only. Another trick while applying blush is, pinching your cheeks lightly before applying the blush - this adds a glow. Blending blush with the rest of your makeup is very important in order to carry an awesome look on your much awaited day of life.


Forgetting On The Primer

Exactly how you may forget on cleansing and moisturizing your skin; you may forget on the primer. Though non application of primer does not bring in much change to your makeup initially; but later, it becomes evident as the makeup starts to fade out. Primer is that one cosmetic that can make your wedding makeup last really long.


Messing With The Lip Gloss

Of course, brides should apply lip gloss to make their lips appear tantalizing; but it should not be poured all over the lips. Applying lip gloss only on the center of your lips and blending on the rest of the lips, makes it appear appealing. Those who apply lip gloss all over actually end up making the lips look unsightly with no clear defined dimension.

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