Beauty Trends That Will Be Gone In 2017!

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While some trends are here to stay and would be classics forever, 2017 will be the year we say goodbye to a few beauty trends for sure that have gone out of fashion.

Some classic trends like the bold crimson lip, and classic winged eyeliner never seem to go out of trend. They can turn you into a diva in no time at all. But, like all things, certain trends are here only for a fickle amount of time.

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There were several beauty trends that came into fashion and were the main focus in 2016, in a huge way. Some of these were really good, while some, not so much.

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So, here are some beauty trends that you can definitely say goodbye to in 2017!


1. Heavy Contouring:

Heavily chiseled faces may look great and structured, but 2017 will see contouring with a lighter hand and more of a natural effect of it on the face. So, it can be a whole lot easier for you.


2. Wine Lips:

Deep wines and berry shades were everything that people could talk about in 2016. Well, it's time to do away with those darker shades and go for lighter pinks and mauves instead. This trend is so going out of fashion in 2017!


3. Picture-Perfect Brows:

You know the unnatural looking brows that everyone ended up calling eyebrows on fleek? Well, it is time for the eyebrows to look a lot more natural. The idea is to fill them in while making sure they don't look too fake.


4. Soft Curls:

Soft curls were big in 2016; however, this year they will be replaced by messy curls. Messy curls are wild and more sexy and may take a lot more time to perfect than you'd expect.


5. Matte Lips:

That's right, this is the year you should try to go for other lip finishes, like glosses or creamy satin lipsticks. It is high time we brought gloss back into fashion.


6. Matte Eyeshadows:

Just like matte lipstick, matte eyeshadows will be gone and we will be seeing more of frosty eyeshadows and metallic ones in 2017.

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