9 Early Beauty Trends That Will Shock You

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Fashion sense keeps changing every year. Fashion that is in today may be ridiculed tomorrow. Fashion is a thing of change and is never constant.

Some people are very fashion conscious, whereas others don't give a damn and they usually make their own fashion statements. Come what may, we need to be up to the marks of the current fashion trends and present ourselves well in the current fashion scenario.

Simple Tips To Look Beautiful

We all love to try new fashion trends or styles followed by celebrities and want to look outstanding. However, what if a fashion trend costs you some effort, gives pain and seems weird. Thats why people in the past had their own fashion statement and had a unique fashion sense of their own.

In the past, fashion was an obligation and not a matter of fun. People in the past would go to any extent to define their fashion sense. How strange! Their fashion was not very flexible with not much etiquettes and was an extreme torture in few cases.

Weird And Unbelievable Facts

Its not many years ago that things were different. Listed here are 10 old beauty standards from the past, which were weird and hard to believe.


Hairy Legs And Armpits

Do you know that before the 20th century there was no concept of body hair removal. Shaving body hair was not popular, and people would not remove hair on legs, arms and arm pits also. It was only when few companies released razor blades into the markets that introduced shaving for women, ladies got to know the power of clean skin!


Twelve Inch Waistlines

Can you imagine that girls used to shrink their waist line up to 12 inches by wearing tight corsets during the Victorian times? Girls used to faint or even ended up breaking a rib, while trying to tighten their waist line into their corsets.



In the early 1700's, moles were considered to be a sign of beauty. Girls used to put artificial moles, available in the markets in different shapes and sizes, on their faces. Even the shapes of the moles would be different such as stars, moon, hearts, etc.


No Bikini Wax

Women had no idea of a bikini wax in the early 60's. The models in the glamour magazines would appear with a full bush of pubic hair. It has only been in practice from the last 30 years, where removal of pubic hair is considered more to be for hygiene purposes than beauty. This is one of the most weird beauty trends from the past.


No Shower!

Now, this might really shock you! Queen Elizabeth the first was once heard saying that she takes a bath four times in a year. Women rarely used to bathe in the early 50's and used to put a scent over their body to hide the smell. There was no idea of having a regular shower, and a weekly bath was more in the norm. Unavailability of baths and shower rooms was also a reason.


Pale Skin

While talking about tanned skin nowadays, a pale skin was in fashion during the past. In the early 1900's, women used to make their skin look pale. There is a reason behind this. The workers during that time used to work hard in the sun, which made their skin get tanned easily. Sun tan was a sign of the labourers, so the fashionates used to colour their skin pale to avoid being mislead by a labourer. Some would go to an extent of drawing purple veins on to their skins, in an effort to prove they had a tan.


Straight Hair Was A Scary Thing

In the early 1950's, women never would keep their hair straight and would keep the curlers on their head for a full day, so that they would never have straight hair!


Undone Eyebrows

It is only during the 20th century that eyebrow trimming came in to fashion. Before that, girls never used to bother about their eyebrows. They kept their brows untamed and untrimmed. However, in the early 80's, girls used to trim their eyebrows dramatically and would make a semicircle shape with a dark black pencil.


Trimming Eyelashes

On contrary to the thick, long and lustrous eyelashes of today, girls of the 19th century used to trim their eyelashes. It might seem as a horrible and scary thing to do today, but it was in fashion those days. Women used to trim their brows to make them shorter and would apply some oil to make them look shiny.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 10:44 [IST]
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