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All You Need To Know About Bronzer And Its Uses

Bronzer is a makeup essential that is applied on the face, neck, and skin in order to get that camera-friendly look. Bronzers add a natural sun-kissed glow to any skin type, contouring its blemishes, acnes and more.

Applying a bronzer impacts the present skin tone, making it look bronzed and glistened. Though everyone knows the use of a bronzer, yet they become skeptical in applying it because they don't know the purpose and use of a bronzer.

uses of bronzer

With time, there are many kinds of bronzers now available in India and you need to figure out which bronzer to go for based on many aspects.

To solve all your basic questions regarding a bronzer - its uses, benefits and role in makeup, here is an attempt at summarizing all the probable basic information about a bronzer.

By going through these basic details of a bronzer, you will learn which bronzer you should buy and why.

What Is A Bronzer?

Our skin lacks perfection and dimension. To make it look well shaped and change its existing skin tone, bronzers can be used. Bronzers can be applied on any part of the skin - starting from the face, neck, hands, and legs that are exposed to the sun. On applying a bronzer on the face, it looks thinner and structured with improved dimesnsions.

On the face, bronzer also highlights your cheek bones, adding a veil of colour and shine to your skin. Bronzer is a very soft form of a powder that contains golden light-reflecting particles or bronzing pigments, which therefore diminish the role of a highlighter. Bronzer accentuates the skin texture with a shimmery touch and eradicates all the scope of the face looking cakey or muddy after the makeup.

During a face makeup session, bronzer is a natural powder that comes in after the use of a foundation, concealer, and powder but before the blush. All these merits of a bronzer can only be seen and experienced on your skin when you know the right application technique. In case you apply the bronzer wrong, your skin will appear orange-coloured or dirty.

Types Of Bronzers

Exactly like any other makeup product, bronzers also come in different variations. Without getting confused, here is a simple guide that will let you pick the right bronzer for yourself.

The bronzer you pick will determine the colour, tone, and texture of your skin after makeup.

The types of bronzers available in India are pressed powder, cream bronzer, loose powder bronzer and liquid bronzer.

  • Pressed powder bronzer caters better to normal or oily skin than dry skin.
  • Cream bronzer is ideally aimed for dry skinned women and cream bronzers have moisturizing benefits for the skin.
  • Loose powder bronzers work well for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Lastly, comes in the liquid bronzers, which are the most popular ones among all the types of bronzers because these are easy to apply anywhere. Liquid bronzers come in a bottle or squeeze-tube packaging and can offer a dewish effect on to the skin.

Which Bronzer To Buy?

Based On The Weather And Climatic Condition
Weather and the climatic condition has a role in deciding which bronzer you will need to buy. While in summer you must prefer matte bronzers, during winter, the shimmery ones are a better choice.

Based On The Undertones
Undertones also play a role in deciding your bronzer type. For warm undertones, go for golden brown bronzers. In case of cool undertones, try to stick with neutral shades.

Based On Skin Complexions
If you have a fair skin tone, try to go for a bronzer with a golden undertone. If you have a medium-skin complexion, go for a rosy bronzer. In case of a dark-skinned complexion, pure red undertones work the best.

How To Apply A Bronzer?

Bronzer can be applied with hands or fingertips, sponge, or a makeup brush. If in case you are in love with the bronzer you bought, try getting a bronzer brush, as it has tight bristles offering wider application.

The basic way to apply a bronzer is by using a sweeping motion only on the perimeter of the face, that is, the areas that are exposed to the sun - meaning forehead and jawline, as well as the cheeks.

Do not spread the bronzer all over your face, as it becomes mud like and cakey to look at.

After the first coat of application of a bronzer, in the next stage, add little extra bronzer underneath your cheekbones, especially along the bridge of your nose, as this adds glow to your makeup look.

When extending the use of a bronzer beyond your face, ensure you blend it to the next. Without smooth blending of a bronzer, it becomes easily noticeable.

In case there is a line or patch of bronzer that is very prominent, you can use a translucent powder to blend it.

Tips To Buy The Right Bronzer

  • When you go to a makeup store or check online, the variety of bronzers available from posh brands will boggle your decision. Keep calm, ladies! Consider these tips while buying your next bronzer and you will never be wrong:
  • The first two primary verifications to do before buying the bronzer are, 1) it should be dermatologist tested, and 2) an ophthalmologist tested as well, such that it does not react with your skin, especially around the eyes.
  • When buying the bronzer, remember its role is to warm your skin without making it evident. If the bronzer is not blending and standing out from your skin, then that's not your ideal one.
  • A quick deciding factor for buying a bronzer for all skin types is, going two shades darker than the natural skin tone. The darker skin tone blends easily and the trick works on all skin complexions.
  • When buying the bronzer, test a little on your hand and then, decide. Do not go by the brand and marketing strategy of the beauty product professionals while deciding your makeup bronzer.
  • In case you are buying a bronzer for the first time, ensure you go for a matte bronzer. Once you know the right application technique and use of a matte bronzer; you can go for the shimmery one.

Extra Benefits Of Using A Bronzer

Allows You To Skip A Concealer
Yes, good bronzers eradicate the use of a concealer. The bronzer alone conceals dark spots, acnes, and pimples that help reduce your makeup time.

No Pore Clogging Or Blocking
It is a common problem that heavy makeup clogs and blocks skin pores, especially on the skin. On using a bronzer, the scope of pore clogging is less, because bronzers are so light-weighed that they do not stick on to your skin. In fact, after applying a bronzer, you will realize there is hardly any extra feeling on your skin.

Enhance Your Cleavage With A Bronzer
Very few know it but prominent fashionistas confirm that applying a bronzer at the tip of your cleavage makes it prominent, especially if you are going for that deep-cut dress. However, do not over-apply a bronzer at any part of the body, as it can at times make it noticeable and give it a fake appearance.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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